Expand Your CSUDH Experience at the WRC

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) offers a range of volunteer and internship opportunities for students looking to empower women, raise awareness for women’s issues, and build a safer, stronger campus community while also gaining valuable experience that translates to academic and professional goals.



Students have the opportunity to volunteer in the planning, coordination, and launch of events hosted by the WRC. If you’re interested in volunteering, stop by the WRC at room 148 of the Small College Campus to sign up.



Internships are also available for a limited number of students who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others and who are willing to take initiative and work independently. Internships are granted at the beginning of each semester.


Interns gain experience working with WRC clients to determine their needs, and learn about the range of resources that are available to assist them. These skills are especially valuable for students who plan to pursue careers in the helping fields. To learn more, call the WRC office at (310) 243-2486, email womensctr2@csudh.edu or stop by room 148 of the Small College Campus.

Now accepting applications for spring internships. Applications are due February 5th, 2016.