Academic Advisement

Students are expected to seek faculty advisement from faculty teaching in the minor and on a regular basis thereafter. Since Women’s Studies courses must be coordinated with many departments, it is especially important that Women’s Studies Minors keep in touch with faculty advisors in the program on a regular basis, to keep informed about what courses are being offered each semester so that they can plan their schedules accordingly. This program is currently being revised. Substitution of courses other than those in the program requires the prior approval of an advisor. The faculty can also assist students in recommending graduate programs in Women’s Studies.

Women’s Studies Advisory Committee

Dr. Dana S. Belu, Philosophy(310) 243-3487
Dr. Marisela R Chavez, Chicana/o Studies(310) 243-3226
Dr. Jan Gasco, Anthropology(310) 243-3506
Dr. Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar, Modern Languages(310) 243-1020
Dr. Vivian Price, Interdisciplinary Studies PACE(310) 243-3583
Dr. Monica Rosas-Baines, Psychologist(310) 243-3818