CM1 by Percussion Software is the Web Content Management System (WCMS) used to edit and manage CSUDH campus websites.

To meet user time constraints while offering a variety of training options, CM1 training has been broken down into parts.  To gain access to the CM1 portal, users must complete Part 1 of CM1 training.


Understanding Training Part 1, Part 2, and CM1 Refresher


  • Part 1 (Accessibility, Copyright, and the Web) is a self-paced, online course. Users will learn about web accessibility, university web standards, and copyright rules.

    • Enrollment is on-going throughout the year and is available by request. 
    • Participants must complete Part 1 successfully with a score of 80% or higher to be eligible to enroll in the CM1 course Part 2. Please plan accordingly.
      • Required training


  • Part 2 (Editing and Publishing) is a hands-on training course that may be taken in an online or face-2-face environment.  Users will be introduced to the web-based software and learn how to add content and publish web pages.

    • Courses are offered on a monthly basis. Please see the I T Training calendar for schedule.
      • Required training


  • CM1 Refresher is a self-paced, online course that offers a review for those who have already participated in Part 1 and 2 training, but may be in need of a refresher.

    • Enrollment is by RSVP only and is on-going for those who have already completed training.
      • Optional training


Training Location

All training is in WH A-142 or unless otherwise noted in the I T Training calendar. Links to online courses will be provided at enrollment.


How to Sign up for Training

Training is by RSVP only.

1.  Please visit the I T Training calendar and select a training date. (Reminder: Open Lab sessions are a great opportunity to come in for help or to take the CM1 Refresher course.)

2.  Please RSVP to Cara Furman ( in an email and include:

  • Your Name:
  • Username:
  • User Email Address:
  • CM1 role (*Editor or Contributor):
  • CM1 site path or published URL:
  • Manager/MPP/or Dept. Chair:
  • Training date requested:


  • Contributors – create draft and update content
  • Editors – contributor rights plus publish, approve, and archive contents/pages – Needs approval


Please print a copy of the CM1 End-User Training Manual and bring it with you to the training session.

CM1 End-User Training Manual can be downloaded here.

[Download Adobe Acrobat Reader free here] 

For CM1 step-by-step guides, please visit CM1 Support page.