Web Content Management System (WCMS)

What is a WCMS?

A Web Content Management System (WCMS) is software that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little technical knowledge to create and manage website content with relative ease.

CSUDH uses a WCMS called CM1 to manage campus websites. Learn more by visiting the CM1 Online Guide Intro.

Migration to the New WCMS

Official CSUDH Web sites will be managed through the use of an enterprise Web Content Management System (WCMS). Campus sites are currently being migrated to the new WCMS individually by department/school and division/college.

Departments/schools will be notified two weeks before migration is completed. (Migration times will vary greatly depending on site size, files, structure, organization, and complexity.) Once notified, end-user training will be scheduled with the department/school. Once completed, staff members may begin processing updates to their site on their own.

After migration, departments/schools will be asked to review and approve their new site and ensure the content is up to date. Once approved, the new site will go "live" and replace the current site. (The URL to the old site will automatically be redirected to the new.)

What Sites are Already Using CM1?

A listing of current CM1 sites and users can be found here.

CM1 Training (Class)

Web Editors and Contributors are required to complete a training class before given access to CM1. View the CM1 training schedule here.

CM1 Supported Browsers

View a list of supported browsers for CM1 here.

CM1 Online Guide

An online "How To" guide is available as reference for CM1 users who have take the CM1 Training course. Visit the CM1 Online Guide.

CSUDH CM1 Support Forums

Visit the CM1 support forums on the CSUDH Web Users Group (WUG) social site here*. Search for answers, read and participate in CM1 related discussions.

* You must be logged into the CSUDH campus network to access this site. (VPN required for off-campus access.)