Victim Advocacy Services

CSUDH students, staff, and faculty may speak with a confidential Victim’s Advocate, someone with training and expertise in supporting survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Victim Advocacy services are free and confidential. An Advocate can provide support, information about options, and assist survivors through the medical and legal processes following experiencing sexual or interpersonal violence. This typically includes but is not limited to providing information so that the individual can make informed decisions about what resources they would like to access, which could include reporting to the police or the University, access free psychological services, seeking a Domestic Violence Shelter, and accessing academic accommodations or safety measures like no-contact orders and room changes. Survivors are entirely in control of the Advocate’s level of involvement while seeking services. 

Contact a Victim’s Advocate by calling the YWCA of Greater LA at  (877) 943-5778.

If you would like assistance contacting a Victim’s Advocate, contact the CSUDH Title IX Officer at (310) 243-3492. Please note that the Title IX Officer is not a confidential resource, but will keep your information as private as possible.