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Top Ten Reasons to Join Upward Bound

1. Academic Advising

  • We'll advise you on your current courses and help you prepare for the future.

2. Tutoring

  • We'll provide weekly tutoring for your classes.

3. College Preparation

  • We can assist you with SAT/ACT tests and college exams.
  • We'll help you become familiar with admissions process.
  • We can assist you with your college application.

4. College Campus Tours

  • Ready for a road trip? Join us as we visit campuses throughout California.

5. Saturday Sessions

  • We'll set up on-campus Saturday Sessions where you can attend college preparation and enrichment workshops.

6. Summer Program

  • This six-week program includes instruction in core subjects, field trips, workshops and exposure to career options.

7. Field Trips

  • Join us as we visit and attend cultural activities throughout California.

8. Financial Assistance

  • You can receive stipends for actively participating in the program.
  • We'll help you learn how to apply for financial aid.

9. It's Fun!

  • Where else can you go to have fun and prepare for your future at the same time?

10. All This For Free?

  • Upward Bound activities are offered at no cost.

Are you interested?

Take advantage of this opportunity and apply now to the Upward Bound Program. Do you have any questions? Simply contact us so we can help.