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Dr. Kaye Bragg

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As Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Kaye Bragg supports the development, improvement, and maintenance of strong undergraduate programs and related policies. She is responsible for ensuring that the laws, regulations and campus policies that apply to undergraduate education are implemented fairly and consistent with their intent.

Dr. Bragg provides leadership and feedback for changing, enhancing or improving existing programs and policies. She takes a leadership role in the development of academic support programs that require an institution-wide response. Success in this role requires a commitment to shared governance and collaboration with various committees and divisions for an excellent undergraduate education. This collaboration will develop and provide curricular and co-curricular programs that foster academic excellence, create community among CSU Dominguez Hills students and encourage students to view an undergraduate education as broad-based academic preparation for a future as leaders in their communities.

Dr. Bragg is a strong advocate for a transformative undergraduate experience for every student. She passionately supports both faculty and students as they expand their ideas of what they can do and become.  Dr. Bragg collaboratively works with Deans, Associate Deans, department chairs and Senators to cultivate academic engagement through mentorships, learning communities, service and research experiences, cutting-edge classrooms, and new paths to learning for both students and faculty.

Diversity is essential to a free society and effective democracy. Dr. Bragg reaches across campus units and into the community to build partnerships that are recognized as national models, creating transformational opportunities for students of all backgrounds. She actively promotes a university environment that embraces the potential of all individuals and is intellectually open to all ideas, people, and groups.