University Photography

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Photography Requests

University Photography provides the services of a photographer to university clients according to established departmental goals and priorities.

  • Photography requests must be made at least THREE WEEKS in advance.
  • Include this information in your request:
    • name of the event or subject being photographed
    • date and time
    • where it's taking place
    • purpose/why photos are needed
    • any additional photo directions
    • your contact information
  • The Office of University Communications and Public Affairs reserves the right to accept or prioritize projects in accordance with the criteria listed below, under "Priorities."
  • A specific photo date may not be possible due to scheduling conflicts.


Priority is given to campus photography required for university communications and public relations. This includes:

  • major university events and celebrations
  • marketing and promotional photos
  • campus-wide programs and activities
  • campus news photos
  • notable guest lecturers and visitors
  • notable campus supporters: alumni, donors
  • campus setting and architecture

Photography services may be provided to CSU Dominguez Hills colleges, departments and units, subject to staff availability, for:

  • academic programs, activities and events
  • student life activities
  • classroom environments
  • on- and off-campus events

Additional Resources

As the university grows, requests have increased significantly. Although we have only one professional photographer on staff, we still endeavor to help with photography requests via:

  • Student Assistants—For small events and short programs.
  • Professional Freelance Photographers—Recommend for events such as award ceremonies or VIP events requiring professional-level photos.

Staff and Faculty Portraits

Official portraits services are available to faculty and staff. E-mail the university photographer or call (310) 243-3011 to schedule. Faculty and staff requesting portrait services are expected to dress professionally in business attire. 

Photo Releases

All CSUDH faculty, staff and students whose photos are taken by University Photography or who participate in campus, classroom, or lab photo shoots must complete a Release Form. This is especially important if the photos will be published in print media or online. Exceptions to the Release Form requirement are for general campus photos or photos taken at public events. This may include photos where people are not easily identifiable, crowd shots, or there are reasonable expectations that attendees could appear in photos taken at a public event.


University Photographer
Email Jeff Farsai or call (310) 243-2820