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The Tutors and Mentors for the Upward Bound Math & Science (UBMS) program will provide assistance and guidance to high school students interested in degrees and careers in the math and science fields.

The Lead Tutor will be on site both at Leuzinger High and Hawthorne High Schools, providing assistance for the students in all of their academic needs, whether it be homework, or SAT preparations to an array of subjects. Tutoring services will be provided so that students can feel confident and prepared when they encounter rigorous tasks throughout the school year and beyond. Students will also be provided with workshops and study skills, in preparation for intensive classes. UBMS will also provide workshops on careers, majors, financial aid and life skills.

Please email any questions regarding tutoring or general inquiries to Max at ubmsleadtutor@csudh.edu


The role of the Lead Mentor is to pair participants with mentors who encourage them to stay in school, explore potential careers, and prepare for college. We hope to accomplish this goal by the mentor sharing their academic, career and life experiences with the mentee and also help the mentee recognize and develop their potential to excel in math and science fields. UBMS mentor and mentee communicate through monthly FYI folders, phone calls ,and email.

Please email any questions regarding mentoring or general inquiries to Lydia at ubmstutor1@csudh.edu


UBMS Weekly Tutoring Schedule

WEEKDAYS (3:00pm - 5:00pm)             SATURDAY (By Appointment)





Lydia - Leuzinger Max - Hawthorne

Lydia - Leuzinger  Max - Hawthorne

Lydia - Leuzinger     Max - Hawthorne

Lydia - Leuzinger  

Max - Hawthorne

CSUDH -Welch Hall

(By appt during Academy)



Max - Leuzinger Lydia - HawthorneMax -  Leuzinger        Lydia - HawthorneMax - Leuzinger     Lydia - HawthorneMax - Leuzinger   Lydia - Hawthorne

CSUDH -Welch Hall

(By appt during Academy)

WEEKDAYS (3:00pm - 5:00pm)                          SATURDAY (By Appointment)