Mandatory Freshman Advising (MFA)


The mission of the MFA program is to assist freshman students with transitioning and navigating through the university system, in order to encourage optimum academic success.

About MFA

Mandatory Freshman Advising (MFA) is a university-wide program designed for all first-time freshman students (non-EOP/ETE), and is operated by the University Advisement Center (UAC). The MFA workshops will provide advisement on remediation policy, accurate course selection and registration, graduation requirements, and helpful online tools such as the Academic Requirements Report. Additionally, freshman students will be informed about university policies, procedures, and directly connected to essential campus resources.

What do students gain from attending Spring Semester MFA?

  • The importance of learning inside-and-outside the classroom
  • Relevant resources to support student success
  • Resources to develop an action plan for degree completion
  • Learn to navigate your Academic Requirements Report

How many MFA Workshops are required?

Students are required to attend one MFA workshop during each of the Fall and Spring semesters in their first year.

MFA Hold Information

An MFA Hold will be placed on a student's account during the Fall and Spring semesters, which blocks future registration. In order to lift an MFA hold, students must attend an MFA workshop.

What to Bring to the MFA Workshop

Students must bring a photo ID to check in for the workshop. Student ID is preferred.

Students must also print and bring their Academic Requirements/Degree Audit report, and identify a minimum of four courses they would like to register for in the Fall semester.

Please note: Students will be asked to reschedule if they are not able to provide a copy of their Academic Requirements/Degree Audit report.

To access your Academic Requirements/Degree Audit report

  1. Log in - click on the link
  2. Click on "Student Center" on the top left side of the screen
  3. Click on the drop-down menu labled "Other Academic..." on the left side of the screen
  4. Select "Academic Requirements"
  5. Click "Go" (blue button)
  6. Click blue "Expand all" button once report loads
  7. Click on "Print Report" link at the top of the page

Campus Printing Services: The Toro Copy Center in WH B105 provides double sided copies for 16 cents per page.

Spring 2015 MFA Workshop Schedule

Monday, March 2, 201510:00 AMSBS A210
Monday, March 2, 2015 2:00 PMSBS A210
Tuesday, March 3, 201510:00 AMSAC 3142
 Tuesday, March 3, 20152:00 PMSAC 3142
Wednesday, March 4, 201511:00 AMSCC 605
 Wednesday, March 4, 20151:00 PMSCC 605
Thursday, March 5, 20159:00 AMSAC 2105
Monday, March 9, 20159:00 AMSBS A210
Monday, March 9, 2015 1:00 PMSBS A210
Tuesday, March 10, 201510:00 AMSAC 3142
Wednesday, March 11, 20152:00 PMSCC 605
Thursday, March 12, 201511:00 AMLSU 324/325
Thursday, March 12, 2015 2:00 PMSAC 2150
Monday, March 16, 201511:00 AMSBS A210
 Monday, March 16, 20152:00 PMSBS A210
Tuesday, March 17, 20152:00 PMSAC 2105
Wednesday, March 18, 201510:00 AMLSU 324/325
 Wednesday, March 18, 20151:00 PMSBS A210
Thursday, March 19, 201510:00 AMSAC 2105
Friday, March 20, 20153:00 PMSBS A210
Monday, March 23, 201510:00 AMSBS A210
 Monday, March 23, 20151:00 PMSCC 605
Tuesday, March 24, 201511:00 AMLSU 324/325
 Tuesday, March 24, 20151:00 PMSCC 605
Wednesday, March 25, 201510:00 AMSCC 605
 Wednesday, March 25, 20152:00 PMSCC 605
Thursday, March 26, 201510:00 AMSAC 2105
 Thursday, March 26, 20152:00 PMSAC 2105
Friday, March 27, 201510:00 AMSCC 605


Spring 2015 MFA Workshop Registration

Click here to register for a Spring 2015 MFA Workshop.