Mandatory Freshman Advising (MFA)

Mandatory Freshman Advising (MFA) is a university-wide program designed for all non-EOP/ETE first-time freshman students, and is operated by the University Advisement Center (UAC). The mission of the MFA program is to assist freshman students with transitioning and navigating through the university system, in order to encourage optimum academic success. Students are required to attend one MFA workshop during each of the Fall and Spring semesters in their first year.

The MFA workshops will provide advisement on remediation policy, accurate course selection and registration, graduation requirements, and helpful online tools such as the Academic Requirements Report. Additionally, freshman students will be informed about university policies, procedures, and essential campus resources.

An MFA Hold will be placed on a student's account during the Fall and Spring semesters, which blocks future registration. In order to lift an MFA hold, students must attend an MFA workshop.

Information regarding MFA workshops is available under the MFA Registration page, and is also emailed to freshmen students through their ToroMail account. It is extremely important that students check their campus email regularly.

Please contact the University Advisement Center (UAC) at: (310) 243-3538 with any questions regarding the Mandatory Freshman Advising (MFA) program.