Program Benefits

Earn money while earning your credential in one year.

Put your math or science degree and knowledge to work by changing the lives of urban high school students. A unique program, Transition To Teaching Online (TTT Online) at CSUDH prepares you to become an effective math or science teacher in just one year, and get paid while you're finishing your credential.

If you've ever dreamed of becoming the kind of teacher who inspires students to learn, TTT Online will get you there with:

Full Salary and Benefits

TTT Online participants work fulltime as teachers across the state in middle and high schools of high-need districts while earning their credential. What's more, they earn full salary and receive benefits while teaching.

Flexible Classes

Taught by CSUDH College of Education faculty and district personnel, classes are held completely online.

Complete Your Credential in One Year

TTT Online's accelerated program means you'll complete your preliminary Single Subject Credential in just one year.

Courses Just for You

As a TTT Online participant, you'll enjoy access to teacher education courses made available exclusively to TTT Online participants.

Individualized Coaching

TTT Online participants receive three years of individualized coaching from classroom and subject-matter experts. Your coach will be available to help you learn the ropes, build your confidence, meet the challenges, and reap the rewards of teaching in today's urban high schools.

Advising at Every Step

Your advisor will help you at every step of the journey as you make the transition to teaching--from applying to CSUDH to enrolling in teacher education courses to applying for a teaching position.

Tuition Reimbursement

You'll earn $5,000 in tuition reimbursement plus $150 each semester (fall and spring) to use toward textbooks.

Strong Support Network

You'll emerge from TTT Online as a member of a strong peer network that supports your success throughout your teaching career.