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How Faculty Can Support Student Success at the TLC

The Toro Learning Center is here for your students. Here are some tips to encourage rather than discourage students to utilize our services.

  1. Refer or encourage students to see a tutor before they submit their graded assignments. If students work with a tutor before being graded, they are able to work with a tutor as part of their learning process. Tutors can then help students with their questions and discuss strategies to become better prepared to complete their assignments successfully. In turn, when students are required to see a tutor after earning a poor grade, they are often reluctant or discouraged to see a tutor as they may see the requirement as a punishment rather than a useful resource.
  2. Although tutoring is helpful, keep in mind that all students may not benefit from seeing a tutor. Since tutoring requires students to schedule a session and be willing to discuss their learning process and assignment, they must have both the time and desire to work with a tutor. In addition, remember that there are many factors that may cause a student to submit poor work aside from lack of study skills. Consider encouraging all students to use the center, and then reaching out to those who earned poor grades before requiring them to see a tutor. This is a great way to show that you are concerned about their progress and are trying to find ways to help. This also ensures that session availability goes to those with the greatest need.
  3. If you decide to require all students to work with a tutor, please understand that we can only accommodate as many students as there are tutors. Consider requiring students to see a tutor for extra credit and/or within a broad period of time. This helps students seek a tutor when they need one and helps minimize unproductive sessions with students who just schedule a session at the last minute only because it was required.
  4. Add our contact information in your syllabus, Blackboard announcements, and other postings. Feel free to use the following: The Toro Learning Center offers free peer tutoring to students. Call the center at 310-243-3827 or stop by LIB 5705, the North Building of the University Library to schedule a session. Please have your CSUDH student ID card with you.
  5. Encourage your best and brightest students to become a tutor. It’s as easy as sending them a link from our Student Job Opportunities site. Encouraging your students to become a tutor not only helps the center gain a qualified tutor, but it increases the likelihood that one of your students may become a tutor who you can refer your future students to. At the same time, it also helps your current student gain necessary work experience. It’s a win-win-win-win situation for the TLC, you, your current student, and future students.