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Undergraduate Writing Competency

Undergraduate students must first complete their lower division English composition courses in Area A, General Education, before attempting to complete this upper division requirement. Fulfillment of GWAR should be undertaken at the beginning of the junior year (or 60 units), and satisfied by the time 72 units are completed.

Undergraduates may satisfy the GWAR by meeting one of the following criteria:

  1. A score of 8 or higher on the Graduation Writing Examination (GWE).
  2. A grade of C or higher in English 350.
  3. Credit in both IDS 397 and IDS 398.
  4. Completion of the GWAR at another CSU campus in 1984 or later and prior to matriculation to CSUDH, along with granting of Petition for Fulfillment of GWAR through the Testing Office.