EPT/ELM Test Day

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Students should report to the Small College Complex (SCC) Courtyard, between SCC Buildings 9 and 13 at the assigned report time on test day. Click here for a map. The SCC Courtyard is indicated in red.

What to Bring on Test Day

  • Social Security Number (SSN) or taxpayer identification number (card is not required)
  • Acceptable identification, such as a current school or government issued ID that includes a photograph or physical description written in English, and full legal name.  The name on the photo ID must match the name entered in the EPT/ELM account in the online registration system.
    • Acceptable ID:
      • Current driver's license with photo
      • Current school ID card with recognizable photo
      • Valid, signed passport with current, recognizable photo
      • A document on the student's high school stationery, bearing the student's name and brief physical description in English (height, weight, age, sex, eye color, and hair color). The student must sign this document in the presence of their principal or school counselor, who must also sign it.  The student may be asked to sign this ID form again at the test center.
    • Unacceptable ID:
      • Social Security card
      • Credit card, including if it includes a photo
      • Parent's driver's license
      • Birth certificate, including wallet-size birth certificates
  • Printed admission ticket
  • Several No. 2 lead pencils with erasers.  It is the student's responsibility to bring No. 2 pencils to the test center and to ensure that the directions for completing the answer document are followed and understood.  Responsibility for accurately scoring test(s) can be accepted only if the answer sheet is completed according to the directions.

Optional Items

  • A watch (without audible alarm)
  • A bag or backpack (must be kept on the floor, under the chair)

Forbidden Items

  • Cell phones, smart phones, and/or other electronic devices
  • Personal digital assistant (PDA, Blackberry, Sidekick, Palm)
  • Calculators
  • Books
  • Rulers
  • Papers of any kind
  • Recording or photographic devices
  • Food or drink (unless student has IEP or 504 Plan which requires it)
  • Smoking

Students found with any of these items will be dismissed and their scores will be canceled.

Test Room Regulations

Cell phones, smart phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), calculators, cameras, laptops, iPads, tablet computers, e-readers and/or pagers are prohibited from the testing room.  Books, rulers, papers of any kind, and recording or photographic devices are also prohibited.  Students found with any of these items will be dismissed from the testing room and their scores will be canceled.  Eating, drinking, and smoking are also prohibited in the testing room.

A student who engages in any of the following will be dismissed from the test and have scores canceled:

  • Working on one section of the test during the time allowed for another section
  • Using notes or any of the prohibited aids
  • Giving or receiving help during the test
  • Attempting to take the test for someone else
  • Failing, after being warned, to follow the test supervisor's instructions
  • Causing undue disturbance
  • Attempting to copy test materials
  • Removing test materials from the room

Test fees will not be refunded if you are dismissed or your scores are canceled due to misconduct.

ETS and the CSU reserve the right to cancel any test scores if the test taker engages in misconduct or if there is a testing irregularity.