Passport to Leadership

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Are You Looking to Further Develop

Your Leadership Skills?


Passport to Leadership is a series of educational and developmental workshops that trains CSU Dominguez Hills students to become campus leaders and effective agents within their community.

 Passport to Leadership provides an educational pathway for CSUDH students interested in maximizing their leadership potential.  

 Passport to Leadership is developed to provide students education in leadership development and provide resources to emerging leaders Boost your resume, network with community leaders, and attend workshops at no cost!!!


Why Get Involved with Passport to Leadership?

  Passport to Leadership is a worthwhile experience for students both looking to get involved and current student leaders! With each workshop lasting approximately 60 to 75 minutes, Passport to Leadership is ideal for students juggling school, work, and numerous extra-curricular activities. Participants may attend one of the 27 skill-building workshops or choose to complete on of the four Leadership Certificate tracks. Upon completion of a certificate track, participant will be granted a certificate of completion signed by the Cal State Dominguez Hills President and the Vice-Presidentof Student Affairs!


Passport to Leadership participants gain access to many campus resources not offered through any other single program. In addition to the various topics discussed throughout the program, participants have greater ability to network directly with California State University, Dominguez Hills faculty and staff through a myriad of year-round leadership events.


Who can Participate?

Only fully enrolled matriculated students at Cal State Dominguez Hills may participate in Passport to Leadership. To enroll, simply fill out the online application, and choose the track (and subsequent workshops) which best fits your needs and interests!


Make the Commitment

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Passport to Leadership is worth the extra step!



 To earn Certificate, Student must complete sections A, B, C and D(5-hour Experimental Component).

Section A: Program Core Workshops- required of all Passport to Leadership participants & can be completed in any order.

  • Intro to Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Understanding Diversity, Leadership and Your Role


Section B: Leadership Track Workshops-Choose a track and attend any three workshops


  • Personal Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Diversity
  • Career Development

 Section C: Elective Workshops

 Attend any two workshops from our pool of elective workshops, or through other conferences, symposiums trainings, etc.

Section D: Experiential Component

 In the experiential component, participants are required to complete a minimum of five hours of applied leadership putting theory to practice. Experiential components can be any activity that participants are involved in outside the classroom or workshop setting that allows them to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained from their workshop series. Participants must provide a 2-page reflection paper after the completion of their 5-hour experiential leadership component has been completed.


Experiential Component Policy & Intent and Verification Form

Participants are required to complete a minimum of five hours of applied leadership. This can be numerous activities or a single activity that participants are involved in outside the classroom or workshop setting. Five hours are required for each participant. Participants must submit the Intent and Verification Form to Asucena Cervantes Davila for approval before commencing the 5-hour experiential component!

Participants are required to submit this form again with their 2-page reflection paper after the completion of their applied leadership experience. The form must be signed by someone who can verify participation and completion of the minimal five hours. This should be discussed and agreed upon in the approval process.
Both the signed form and reflection essay must be turned in by April 18, 2014 before 5pm to receive a certificate at the end of the year for Fall Semester Passport to Leadership participation.