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Passport to Leadership is a worthwhile experience for students both looking to get involved and current student leaders! Most workshop are approximately 60-75 minutes, Passport to Leadership is ideal for students juggling school, work, and numerous extra-curricular activities. Participants may choose to complete  the Leadership Certificate tracks. Upon completion, participant will be awarded a certificate of completion signed by the CSUDH President and theVP of Student Affairs and a CSUDH Passport to Leadership Medal!



The Leadership Education and Advocacy Development (LEAD) Program aims to inspire and develop dynamic students, leaders, professionals and global citizens



To earn a certificate students must complete the following requirements:

 Course Workshops (All 4 required)

  1. Introduction to Leadership (L)
  2. How to Succeed in College (S)
  3. Career Essentials (C)
  4. Understanding Diversity (D)

 Electives (any 5 electives)

Electives (E) vary per semester. The first workshops are listed below and each participant will receive the list per semester.

 Service Component

Participants are required to complete a minimum of 5 hours of applied leadership. These hours of service can be completed by volunteering at a non-profit organization on campus or off- campus, as an officer in a student organization, a peer mentor on campus, as a volunteer for a major campus event or serving as an ASI officer or LSU Board Member. Five hours are required. Each participant is required to submit a 2 page reflection paper about their experience.

Introduction to Leadership: (L)  How to Succeed in College: (S)  Career Essentials: (C)
Diversity and Your Role: (D)  Elective: (E)

Workshop Title:Sponsored by:Date:Time:Location:
Job SearchCareer Center02/08/173PM-4PMWelch Hall D360
Practical Money SkillsFinancial Aid02/08/174PM-5PMLSU 130
Don’t be Rash! Save your Cash!Financial Aid02/14/1711AM-12PMLSU 323
Writing a Resume from ScratchCareer Center02/14/171PM-2PMWelch Hall D360
Types of LeadershipOffice of Student Life02/15/1712PM-1:30PMLSU 113
Intro to LinkedIn WorkshopCareer Center02/21/171:30PM-3PMWelch Hall D360
How to Succeed in CollegeEncounter to Excellence02/22/1710AM-11:30AMLSU 113
Professionalism in the WorkplaceCareer Center02/23/173:30PM-4:30PMWelch Hall D360
Preparing for the Job Fair WorkshopCareer Center02/27/174PM-5PMLSU 324
Introduction to LeadershipOffice of Student Life03/01/1712PM-1:30PMLSU 113
Aspirational Resume WorkshopCareer Center03/02/172:30PM-3:30PMWelch Hall D360
Diversity & InclusionMulticultural Affairs03/02/172PM-3:30PMLSU 113
What’s in your wallet? How to budget for life events and the unexpected!Financial Aid03/06/1710AM-11AMLSU 130
Academic Success McNair Program03/07/1710AM-11:30AMLSU 113
What Can I Do With This Major WorkshopCareer Center03/07/1711:30AM-12:30PMWelch Hall D360
Preparing for the Education Job FairCareer Center03/13/174:30PM-5:30PMLSU 324
Interviewing Skills for TeachersCareer Center03/14/175PM-6PMWelch Hall D360
Resume Writing for TeachersCareer Center03/15/174PM-5PMWelch Hall D360
Interviewing SkillsCareer Center03/20/174PM-5PMWelch Hall D360
Practical Money SkillsFinancial Aid03/21/172PM-3PMLSU 326
Advanced Resume Writing WorkshopCareer Center03/22/174PM-5PMWelch Hall D360
Getting the Internship You WantCareer Center03/23/172:30PM-3:30PMWelch Hall D360
Academic SuccessMcNair Program04/04/1712PM-1:30PMWelch Hall D360
Writing A Resume From ScratchCareer Center04/04/1712PM-1PMWelch Hall D360
Introduction to LeadershipOffice of Student Life04/05/172PM-4PMLSU 113
Diversity & InclusionMulticultural Affairs04/06/1710AM-11:30AMLSU 113
Personal Branding WorkshopCareer Center04/10/171PM-2PMWelch Hall D360
Resume WritingCareer Center04/11/172:30PM-3:30PMWelch Hall D360
Don’t be rash! Save your cash!Financial Aid04/12/173PM-4PMLSU 113
Intro to LinkedIn WorkshopCareer Center04/12/171:30PM-3PMWH C155
Exploring LeadershipOffice of Student Life04/12/1712PM-1:30PMLSU 113
Preparing for the Part time/Seasonal Job FairCareer Center04/13/174PM-5PMWelch Hall D360
How to Succeed in CollegeEncounter to Excellence04/17/1712PM-1:30PMLSU 113
Interviewing SkillsCareer Center04/17/173PM-4PMWelch Hall D360
Self Care ManagementStudent Health Center04/19/1710AM-11:30AMLSU 113
Whats in your wallet? How to budget for Life Events and the Unexpected!Financial Aid04/20/1710AM-11:00AMLSU 328
Advanced LinkedIn WorkshopCareer Center04/20/172:30PM-4PMWH C155
Professionalism in the WorkplaceCareer Center04/25/172:30PM-3:30PMWelch Hall D360
Advanced Resume Writing WorkshopCareer Center04/27/1712PM-1PMWelch Hall D360
Practical Money SkillsFinancial Aid05/01/1712PM-1PMLSU 130
Resume WritingCareer Center05/01/172:30PM-3:30PMWelch Hall D360
Job Search WorkshopCareer Center05/04/171PM-2PMWelch Hall D360
What’s in your wallet? How to budget for Life Events and the Unexpected!Financial Aid05/09/174PM-5PMLSU 113
Job Search WorkshopCareer Center 05/23/173PM-4PMWelch Hall D360
Alumni/Career Center Senior ConferenceCareer Center 06/06/1710AM-1PMWelch Hall D360
Ace Your InterviewCareer Center06/20/174PM-5PMWelch Hall D360
Job Search WorkshopCareer Center06/26/172:30PM-3:30PMWelch Hall D360
Professionalism in the Workplace Career Center07/13/172PM-3PMWelch Hall D360
Getting the Internship You WantCareer Center07/18/1711AM-12PMWelch Hall D360