Master of Science in Nursing



Upon the completion of the Master of Science in Nursing Program, the student will be able to:

  1. Integrate knowledge, theory, research and skills in planning and evaluating comprehensive nursing care and education for individuals, families and populations.
  2. Design culturally sensitive programs and systems of care and services that meet the needs of diverse and vulnerable populations.
  3. Provide evidence-based, clinically proficient care and services using critical thinking skills in advanced nursing roles.
  4. Demonstrate effective and appropriate oral, written and technological communication skills in clinical, educational, and professional contexts and systems.
  5. Integrate ethical principles into theories, research and practice in advanced nursing roles.
  6. Advocate for healthcare policies and financing that promote, preserve and restore public health.
  7. Provide leadership in collaborative efforts with other disciplines to influence improvement in healthcare systems.
  8. Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning for continued professional growth.

Role Options Available

The hybrid online* Master of Science in Nursing program offers the following role options:

If you have already earned a MSN degree, please see our Post-Masters Certificate Options.

*Some courses may require on-campus learning activities.


Degree Requirements

The online* Master of Science in Nursing program requires a total of 30-48 units of approved graduate study that includes five role options. The curriculum consists of core courses, role emphasis courses, role performance (clinical/practicum) courses, electives, and the Culminating Activity.

  • MSN coursework must be completed within the 5 year time period designated by program policy. Students must enroll in courses each semester or obtain an approved leave of absence to maintain continuous enrollment. Grade averages are calculated each semester by University Admissions and Records. To maintain acceptable standing in the MSN program, a "3.0" average and a minimum of "B" grade in each course are required. See Nursing – 2016-2017 University Catalog.
  • Satisfaction of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) prior to the completion of 9 graduate units  (i.e. or within two semesters after being admitted into the MSN program).
  • All core courses are non-sequenced except for MSN 502 which must be taken in the first core semester.  All courses within the option must be completed prior to starting the role option portion of the curriculum. Those courses are positioned at the end of the program and are sequenced over 2-4 semesters. Refer to the plan of study for each option.
  • FNP students must complete their clinical hour in the state of California. A California RN License will be required for Clinical Sites in California that are not part of the Federal Government System (e.g. Veterans Administration) Additionally, the FNP specific courses are hybrid in nature and not fully online; regular visits to campus are required. Any deviation from the plan of study must be approved by the FNP Director. 

Culminating Activity

Effective spring 2009, students admitted (or re-admitted) Spring 2009 or thereafter will participate in the MSN Professional Portfolio/Presentation (PPP) to satisfy the requirements for the MSN Culminating Activity.

Students are eligible to participate in the MSN Culminating Activity if the following are satisfied:

  • Enrollment in the final semester of graduate coursework or has completed all course requirements and is enrolled in MSN 600.
  • Grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • Fulfilled the Graduate Writing assessment requirement
  • No incomplete grades (Inc) are present on the transcript.
  • Student has submitted the graduation application via their MyCSUDH account and paid all required graduate fees. For more details on how to apply, please visit the Graduation Application Procedures and Graduation Application FAQ.
  • Student has submitted the Culminating Activity Eligibility Form [Word Doc.].

Professional Portfolio/Presentation

The purpose of the Professional Portfolio/Presentation (PPP) is for the graduating student to demonstrate achievement of the MSN Program Objectives. The student will accomplish this through the development of a portfolio and by delivering an oral presentation supported by a PowerPoint presentation.

The Portfolio and Powerpoint are submitted online and the oral presentation is delivered via conference call with faculty. MSN students who elect to do the culminating activity in the semester following completion of MSN coursework must register in MSN 600 to meet the continuous enrollment requirement.

It is strongly recommended that students retain copies of all course syllabi and assignments, including individual postings to discussion boards in Blackboard, submitted for courses to aid in the development of the Portfolio.

Sample PPPs

Sample Oral Presentation [PDF]