Nursing Programs

The online* Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum is for registered nurses who are adult learners whose time, lifestyles or work schedules make it difficult to complete a traditional course of study in residence on a campus. Most BSN courses are offered online* through the internet to deliver the curriculum wherever and whenever the student is ready to learn. The courses must be completed within the semester, but students have the flexibility of accessing the courses at the time and place most convenient to them for completing assignments by the due dates.

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*Some courses (BSN 381, 411, 421, and 451) require clinical hours on campus, at selected sites throughout California, and at appropriate agencies in the student’s community.


The online* Master of Science in Nursing program prepares leaders for advanced practice in the following roles:

Courses are based on advanced knowledge and the critique and application of theory and research as a scientific base for nursing.

*Some courses may require on-campus learning activities.