Gay Goss

School of Nursing

Academic Rank: ProfessorGay Goss
Office Location: Welch Hall Third floor
Office Hours: By appointment. It is best to contact by email
Phone: (310) 243-2871
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Mailing Address: School of Nursing, CSUDH, 1000 E. Victoria Street, Carson, CA 90747


Dr. Goss resides in Northern California and currently practices as a women's health nurse practitioner in a clinic in San Francisco.  She states, "My passion and career have always been advocating the health care of women and children."  This was illustrated with Dr. Goss's dissertation that explored violence against women. She continues to champion the cause of empowering women via the health care arena, to aid the women’s movement by assessment, awareness and treatment of domestic violence.  Dr. Goss is the coordinator of the Parent Child Clinical Nurse Specialist role option. She is the course content expert for the CNS curriculum. Dr. Goss is the content expert for the Women’s Health and Pediatric portion of the FNP curriculum. She also participates in graduate research, core classes and electives involving women’s issues.

Research Interests

Besides domestic violence, Dr. Goss's other research interests encompass birth outcomes, surgical menopause, and medical abortion. She is currently collaborating with Dr. Welch on a project examining outcomes and evaluation of online courses.

Professional Activities


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Clinical Nurse Specialist Outcomes Project
National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist
Pittsburgh, PA. (funded)

Pain and Knowledge Seeking in Women Seeking Medical Termination
Buena Vista Women’s Clinic
San Francisco , CA
Contraceptive Choice Following Elective Termination Buena Vista Women’s Clinic
San Francisco , CA
RU486 The First 6 Months of Use
Buena Vista Women’s Clinic
San Francisco, CA. (non-funded)

Sitting on an evidence based guideline project for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Healthy Women.

AWHONN National Research Committee Member

Decision Making in the First 45 Days of Pregnancy Buena Vista Women’s Clinic San Francisco, Ca. (non-funded)


Center for Teaching/Learning School of Health Assessment Project California State University Dominguez Hills (funded)


Facilitating Disclosure of Physical Abuse Between Nurse Clinicians and Female Patients Doctoral Dissertation


Mexico Born vs. US Born Hispanics: Looking at Birth Outcomes Livingston Endowment Research Committee


National Research AWHONN Utilization Award (Funded) Second Stage Labor Management and Cultural Diversity

AWOHNN District IX Research Committee Member

Perinatal Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) Executive Committee Member, Sacramento, Ca CDC Department of Epidemiology Atlanta, Ga.

Co-author Grant for Preterm Birth Prevention (Funded) July 1985 -1987. Developed and implemented the county-wide program for the early detection and prevention of preterm birth. Stanislaus County Modesto,Ca.
Educational Background
Nursing Science, University of California, San Francisco, CA
Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner, University of California, San Francisco, CA
Maternity Clinical Specialist, University of California, San Francisco, CA
Nursing, California State University Stanislaus, Turlock, Ca.
Nursing, Modesto Junior College, Modesto, Ca.