Dr. Krogen's PresentationNicole Vasquez at CA EndowmentMSW Student FairRenee Wyatt Presenter 
International Speaker, Dr. Randi Krogen visiting CSUDH MSW Program from the Department of Social Work, Telemark University in Norway
Professor Nicole Vasquez, Presenter at the Annual Joint University Field Symposium
CSUDH MSW Field Placement Fair
CSUDH MSW Student Renee Wyatt presenting at NASW CA's Southern CA Women's Council's Workshop

Calendar of Events

MSW New Student OrientationAugust 11, 2016 8:30am - 4:30pmLSU Ballroom A & B
Extended Education Fall 2016 MSW Student First Day of ClassesAugust 13, 20168:00am - 12:00pm
1:00pm - 5:00pm
New Field Student OrientationAugust 22, 2016TBATBA
Fall 2016 Full Time MSW Student First Day of ClassesAugust 23, 20168:30am 

CRT Video & Links

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a theoretical paradigm rooted in legal studies that has gained traction in its applicability to other disciplines, including social work. CSUDH’s Master of Social Work Program is the only program in the nation – and likely in the world – whose theoretical foundation is rooted in CRT and Intersectionality.

Through its core tenets, CRT examines how race and its intersections with other markers of identity are social constructions that lay the groundwork for systemic and institutional oppression of marginalized groups. CRT in turn can provide a theoretical approach to social work practice that allows us to understand that the issues that a client presents have less to do with the client themselves and just as much, if not more, to do with institutions and systems that have created conditions that bring them before the social worker. Consequently, interventions informed by CRT attend to both the individual and institutional manifestations of oppression.