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The Best Resource You Have is Each Other

The School Leadership Program (SLP) fosters the creation of a professional network and learning community for Urban School Leaders at CSUDH. We are dedicated to recruiting, developing, and sustaining a strong network of leaders to meet educational challenges that are most appropriately met as a community. Our students and alumni are each other’s number one resource. The SLP will offer professional development activities, annual all-day conferences, on-going seminars, and many other opportunities for community and leadership growth and development.

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Alumni form an important and active role in our Leadership Learning Community.

To learn about how you can reconnect to better your practice and inspire future leaders, update us on your contact information:

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 "Lessons learned throughout the program, especially as they relate to professional relationships and building successful school cultures are serving me well." Assistant Principal, C. de Seriere, EAD graduate, 2006