Master of Arts in Education GED/SLP Courses

Masters of Arts in Education, Educational Administration Option degree requires 32 units as follows:

A. Core Courses (6 units)

Core: GED 500 Research Methods in Education (3 units)
Core: GED 501 Seminar in Learning and Development (3 units)

GED 500 Research Methods in Education (3)
Examination of assumptions and techniques of educational research. Review of pertinent research studies emphasizing their applicability to educational problems. Statistical concepts, research methodology and computer applications are included.

GED 501 Seminar in Learning and Development (3)
Theory, research and practice related to learning and development. Emphasis on biological and psychological factors in individual differences. Includes study of affective and cognitive development. Three hours of seminar per week.


Note: If you already have earned a master degree and wish to complete a second masters degree, please consult with your cohort coordinator to determine which courses you wish to substitute for the 6 units of core required courses you may have already have taken (if your first masters was earned at CSUDH). For example, NCR 543, 3 units, entitled, "Reducing School Violence Through Conflict Resolution" offered in the Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Program, could be one possibility. This course is offered through Extended Education and is on-line. Your cohort coordinator can waive the prerequisites listed in the university catalog.

Sequence of Core Courses

Core courses may be taken in the sequence decided upon by the candidate and cohort coordinator. The core classes are not part of the SLP cohort. Core courses are taught in a traditional structure of 18 week semester courses. Example of options for registration are:

Option 1: Three semesters

Take all three core classes together and take them during fall semester after completing the SLP cohort in the spring OR
Take all three core classes together during a summer session if the budget allows for all classes to be offered (no guarantee)

Option 2: Two semesters and one summer session

Fall: GED 500 in addition to the 13 units in the SLP cohort = 16 total units*
Spring: GED 501 in addition to the 13 units in the SLP cohort = 16 units*
Note: No additional cost. ONLY for SLP. 

Option 3: Two Semesters

Fall: Take the 13 units in the SLP cohort + l GED course
Spring: Take the 13 units in the SLP cohort + 2 GED courses*
*This must have your cohort coordinator and program coordinator approval. This option is allowed only in special circumstance.

NOTE: Due to budget challenges, summer offerings will be limited.

B. SLP Content Required Courses (26 units)

SLP 550 Pre-Assessment: Induction Course (2 units)
SLP 551 Visionary Leadership (3 units)
SLP 552 Instructional Leadership or Leadership of Teaching and Learning (3 units)
SLP 553 Organizational Leadership and Resource Management (3 units)
SLP 554 Leadership in Diverse Urban Settings (3 units)
SLP 555 Ethical Leadership (3 units)
SLP 556 Political, Social, Economic, Legal and Cultural Leadership (3 units)
SLP 557 Post-Assessment, Exit Course (2 units)
SLP 560 Fieldwork Preliminary Leadership (2 units)
SLP 561 Fieldwork Preliminary Leadership (2 units)


"I received my letter that I had passed my comps (I hope I passed with high marks) and my heart is so full of gratitude for your kind words of support. I am now in the process of putting my new found education and tools to use and you are a tremendous part of my success. ... Take care and thank you so much for being a wonderful part of my growth." M. Mura Cohort Graduate