Tier I, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

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Program Description:

Admission Process:

(1) All interested in applying for the Tier I Admin. Credential and/or Ed. Admin. MA Program must:

Only those applicants who are invited to submit supporting documents will continue in the admission process. Please allow two to three weeks for your Round 1 application to be evaluated. Please do not call the office to check on the status of an application before then, as this only slows the review process.

Students who wish to apply for the Tier I program should complete both an Educational Administration/Graduate Education (SLP/GED) application AND the University on-line application. The SLP application and the GED application are one and the same application for SLP candidates.

(2) Current CSUDH Students:

Master of Arts In Education Option

Program Description:

Tier I candidates can complete additional requirements to earn a Master of Arts in Education in a cumulative three semesters.


Complete admissions process for Tier I program. Specify Masters option in all application materials. If you are unsure about pursuing a masters, it is to your advantage to enroll in the masters program and drop that option later; adding the Masters is much more difficult.

"It's hard to put into words how the past three months of the program have given me so much knowledge that has lead to a different type of thinking. Our instructor promised on the first day of class that our thinking would be changed and it certainly has." S.T. Cohort Member