Application Information and Procedures for Currently Enrolled CSUDH Students

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CSUDH currently enrolled students in a program other than SLP, may apply to the SLP program by following the below listed process.

Requirements & Documentation:

  • SLP Program Application.
  • Check or money order for $50 payable to CSUDH.
  • Two letters of recommendation. Candidates must obtain two recommendations from individuals who can evaluate the applicant’s potential for graduate study, one recommendation must be from your principal and the second letter should address your leadership potential, success as an educator, and your character.
  • A Minimum of 3.0 or better grade point average in the last 60 units of upper division undergraduate coursework (or, a minimum score of 1000 on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Aptitude Test, or a minimum score of 500 on the Miller Analogies Test. Register for the MAT at the CSULA Testing Office.
  • A letter of interest expressing why you are applying for admission to this program.
  • A current resumé.
  • A written response to the following three questions. Responses should not exceed more than one-half page each.
    1. Write about an experience you have had providing support or assistance to a colleague.
    2. Describe an administrator or other educator who you believe models excellent leadership skills and explain why you selected this person.
    3. Select an experience in which you failed to meet your own expectations, and describe what you learned from the experience.
  • Verification of Basic Skills: Copy of passing CBEST card and scores(available at; or copy of passing scores on CSET: Multiple Subject Plus Writing Skills Examination or copy of scores of “college read” or “exempt” on CSU EAP Placement exams in Math and English or copy of score of 50 on CSU ELM Placement Test and score of 151 on CSU EPT Placement Test.
  • Copy of a valid California Teaching Credential.
  • Five Years Experience Verification included in SLP Program Application (Five years of prior full-time teaching experience is required prior to entering the SLP Tier I program).
  • Personal or committee interview or meeting with faculty advisor is mandatory after program acceptance.
  • For questions regarding your application status ONLY, contact the Program Admissions Unit at (310) 243-3530.

Apply to the SLP Program:

  • Graduate students who have completed a degree (or about to complete a degree) MUST reapply to the University AND submit an SLP program application:

    University Application
    SLP Program Application

    The SLP program application can be mailed or dropped off at the SOE Student Services Office. All other required items must also be included: three year verification form, copy of credential and fee.
  • Graduate students who are in a graduate program other than SLP and wish to transfer to the SLP program, need to complete the following two forms:

    1. You need to complete an SLP Program Application:

    SLP Program Application

    Include a copy of each of your transcripts (ONLY for undergraduate coursework AND last 60 units of coursework), proof of passing CBEST, letters of recommendation (described above), proof of meeting the writing requirement, and MAT scores, if necessary. These should be sent to the Student Services Center:

    Student Services Center


    2. Complete the Change of Objective Form:

    Change of Objective Form

    Include an unofficial copy of your transcripts of your last 60 units taken, proof of passing CBEST, letters of recommendation (described above), proof of meeting the writing requirement, and MAT scores, if necessary. Please be sure to meet the Change of Objective deadlines per University regulations; such information can be obtained through the Office of Academic Programs, 310-243-3308. The Change of Objective with an unofficial transcript reflecting the last 60 units of coursework must be submitted directly to the Graduate Studies Office WH A340.

Important Information:

Students who graduated from CSU after 1985 are "exempt" from taking the GWE if they complete a petition form with the Testing Office. Petition form

Transfer of Credits
Please see the University Catalog for critical information if you are planning to transfer credit toward your SLP degree and/or credential.

Second Masters Degree
Please see the University Catalog for important information regarding students only being allowed to be in one degree program at a time.

Outdated Course Work
There is a limit of seven years for valid course work toward your degree. Please see University Catalog for information regarding valid course time period.

Continuous Attendance Requirement
Graduate students must maintain continuous attendance toward their degree. Please see the University Catalog for further information.

University Catalog

Procedures for processing admissions for graduate students by Change of Objective.

  • The Graduate Studies Office will do a preliminary screening (check academic standing, review transcripts, etc.).
  • The student should complete the top portion of the Change of Objective Form (Name/Address/Student ID # and PART I only) and attach unofficial transcripts reflecting the last 60 semester units (or 90 quarter units) of coursework, may use TOROWeb. They should then submit the form and transcripts to the Graduate Studies Office (WH A-340) by the appropriate DEADLINE.
  • The Graduate Studies Office will date stamp the form, check the student’s academic record and note any problems such as low GPA, potential residency requirement violation, etc. (Please note: Students must be in good academic standing to be eligible for the Change of Objective process.)
  • The Graduate Studies Office will finalize the process and notify the student of the decision.

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