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Student Volunteer

SLICE helps students connect to the local and global community, so that they can explore hands-on experiences in their field of study, or to help develop job experience to help meet the market demands. Connecting to the community empowers students to become leaders and agents of change to address the many complex issues in today’s society.

How Can Students Engage?

Students who work with SLICE are provided with various community engagement opportunities. Through SLICE projects, students apply what they are learning in the classroom in the real-world.

  • Service Learning
  • Internships
  • Applied Research
  • Student Employment
  • Special Events
  • JusticeCorps
  • Jumpstart for Young Children

Can Students Make an Impact?

Our students make an incredible impact on the community ranging from caring for the homeless to joining an archaeological dig in Peru to working with Cambodians in Long Beach.

Students also work with “Campus as a Living Lab” using our university for research.

For various academic internships, projects, or volunteer opportunities, please check out our menu.