Community Partners

Community Partners

Welcome Community Partners!

Welcome to the Center for Service Learning, Internships, & Civic Engagement. We hope that you will find here the resources you need to engage students in meaningful civic engagement as you further the goals of your organization.

In order for our students to work with your agency, we would need a site agreement between your agency representative and our Director of Procurement. A sample of our Service Learning Agreement (site agreement) is available.

Signing in to Community Connections Portal

In order to help record service and other activities for students, we have developed Community Connection Software. Community Connections allows your agency to develop your own page with agency description, contact information, map and directions, and specific information an intern or volunteer would need. To request an account, contact us at (310) 243-2438.

Becoming a Community Partner with CSUDH

SLICE is committed to providing and facilitating opportunities for students to integrate academic study with active participation in community program that address the needs and interests of the Los Angeles region.

Faculty and students are actively partnering with community-based organizations to serve the community while relating that service to the substance of courses and disciplines. It supports the university mission in its commitment to “provide education, scholarship and service that are, by design, accessible and transformative…[and] welcome students who seek academic achievement, personal fulfillment, and preparation for the work of today and tomorrow.”

For more information about our community partners check out our Community Partner Checklist.

Service Learning Agreement

Liability and Risk

Conducting service-learning activities in the community can involve risk. Risk management provides tools to identify areas of potential difficulty. When planning a course involving service-learning, faculty members should consider liability and risk management issues. It is SLICE’s policy that all students participating in service-learning must complete the Service Learning Agreement prior to performing their service. The service learning agreement was developed with input from the Office of the Chancellor. The service learning agreement allows us to place the student in our SAFECLIP program insuring the student for liability.

When a field placement is required, the following actions take place:

  1. SLICE contacts the agency and explains the site agreement and sends a generic agreement.
  2. If the agency agrees, the Office of Procurement is contacted with the agency name, title of signatory, address, and contact number.
  3. The agreement is sent to the agency, who completes the agreement, returns a scanned copy by email and two hard copies by snail mail.
  4. The Director of Procurement reviews, signs, and returns a copy to the agency for its files. A copy is provided to SLICE.

Forms are filed in the Office of Procurement and Contracts for a period of three years. The Service Learning Agreement (Site Agreement) is necessary prior to placement. You can contact the Service Learning Center or John Tamura ( from the Office of Procurement and Contracts for assistance in setting up the site agreement.

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