people walkingWe walk to our cars, why not walk all the way to work? It takes less than two minutes to enjoy a one-block walk.

Anyone who lives within two miles of their destination can walk there in probably less than 30 minutes and walking is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. Why not incorporate walking into your regular routine? Call it community hiking. You'll feel more fit and refreshed when you get there and it will help keep you in shape for those weekend getaways.

Try to wear comfortable shoes. If you require dress shoes on the job, carry them along or leave a pair at work. Allow some extra time the first few days. That way, you won't feel so rushed, and you can explore your neighborhood.

Employees who walk to the worksite at least 3-days per week should be registered in the walking program. All walkers are eligible to receive 4-general parking passes per month. If a walker decides to drive to the worksite and use the general parking pass, he/she must park in a general parking space. Walkers are also eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program and have access to the campus lockers and showers facilities.

Need more information? visit The Walking Site.