vanpool iconWhat is a Vanpool?

A vanpool is typically a group of 7 to 15 people who share their commute. The vanpool travels from home (or a prearranged meeting place) to work, school, or other destinations. There are three types of vanpools: owner-operated, third-party leased, or company-owned. To be cost-effective, a vanpool generally should travel at least 40 miles round trip each day.

How much does it cost?

A lot less than what you would pay to drive alone! Each passenger pays a monthly fare to ride in the van. Fares are based on the number of average monthly miles per month.

What are the vans like?

The vans are 7-15-passenger capacity, air-conditioning/heating, AM/FM radio/cassette, and depending on the model may have plug-ins for laptops and reading lights. Vans are usually replaced after 30k depending on the route distance.

Who takes care of maintenance?

The vanpool company provides free preventive maintenance and repair work as well as a loaner van when yours is in the shop. The driver arranges for scheduled maintenance. Who drives? The driver is a commuter like you who has committed to taking the other people to and from work each day. The driver may drive every day or share the driving with a back-up driver. Drivers must be at least 21 years old with a current California driver's license, and have a clean driving record.

What are the driver's responsibilities and benefits?

Drivers, back-up drivers, passengers sign a lease agreement. CSUDH arranges to provide parking and arranges a reserved space for the van during business hours. The driver must prepare and submit simple monthly reports on ridership, gas receipts, and miles driven as well as provide contact information to connect to new riders.

How are fares collected?

Riders pay their monthly fee at the Cashier Office, Employee & Student Transportation Services  in turn sends a check to the vanpool company.

What about insurance?

The commuter vanpool lease company pays for the van's insurance, including collision and liability, as part of the lease cost.

What is my commitment to the van?

In most cases, the driver and riders make a month-to-month or annual commitment. The lease is paid in advance each month so you can’t get stuck with a bill. You may leave the vanpool at any time after giving a month's notice.

Does the van provide door-to-door service?

Vanpool riders and drivers may set their own policy about pick-up and drop-off locations, but because fares are calculated on miles traveled we encourage you to choose a central meeting place. Often, Park & Rides and shopping centers will allow their parking lots to be used by vanpool riders.

What happens if I am sick or go on vacation?

Vanpools are allowed to determine their own rules on sick- or vacation-time. Most often, however, riders are responsible for their fares whether or not they choose to ride the van every day.

What if the driver is sick or on vacation?

Each van has one or more back-up drivers in case the primary driver cannot drive the van for whatever reason.

What if I have an emergency during the day and need to go home?

CSUDH offers a Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

How do we get more passengers on our van?

CSUDH will help you recruit passengers and you are encouraged to look for potential riders too.