External Ridematching Agencies

Riding Matching Agency UsersUse a carpool lane and you can save 15 minutes or more each way on your commute to work. In a year, you'll cut roughly 125 hours of time otherwise driving alone - or a total of more than five days. why spend an entire work week sitting in rush hour traffic?

Toro Connection is a CONFIDENTIAL** real-time ridematching service provided exclusively for faculty, staff, and student assistants commuting to and from Dominguez Hills. Now you can find potential carpool partners online at your convenience. Once registered, you will be able to view other commuters who live nearby and share a similar work schedule; simply logon via internet from any computer at any time. Then you'll have the options to either give your colleague a call or send an email to discuss the possibility of starting a carpool. All data is confidential, this service is for faculty and staff only!

**Access Code is required to register, please call (310) 243-2893.

Regional Ridematching Services:

  1. Ridematch.info Southern California's one-stop center for ride matching services. There are thousands of interested ride sharers in our database - AFTER REGISTERING FOR FREE WITH OUR WEBSITE, we’ll help you find someone close by your home who shares your workplace destination and hours. Your information is confidential and your home address, if provided, will never be disclosed.
  2. Orange County Transportation Authority or Ride Exchange for Orange County's rideshare and commuter assistance programs.
  3. Riverside County Transportation Commission Riverside County's carpool and its FREE Commuter Assistance Program (Rideshare) which includes: Ride matching Services, Advantage Rideshare, Club Ride, Inland Empire Commuter Services, Commuter Exchange and Park and Ride Lots.
  4. San Bernardino Associated Governments San Bernardino's rideshare program and its efforts throughout San Bernardino County to encourage commuters to carpool, vanpool, use public transit, cycle, or walk to work.
  5. Ventura County Transportation Commission Ventura County's rideshare program and after registering you can receive information concerning: people you can call to carpool, local park & ride locations, and contact information for metrolink.

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