Electric Vehicles

Electric VehiclesThere are two commonly available electric vehicle designs for automobiles: Battery Electric Vehicles or BEVs, which convert chemical energy to electrical energy in batteries; and Hybrid Vehicles, which convert chemical energy to electrical energy via an internal combustion engine and a generator. A third, less established form, is the 'plug-in hybrid' which attempts to combine the benefits of both these designs. It allows the moderate capacity batteries of a hybrid vehicle to be recharged not only from the internal combustion engine and generator, but alternatively from an external source of electricity (such as a domestic electricity supply).

List of Hybrid Vehicles

CSUDH employee who travel to work in a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) or Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) can join the Rideshare Program and park in a reserved carpool space.

 EV Charging Stations are located in parking lot 2 and 3 (campus map)

  • 3-hour charging limit