Submission Guidelines

Dates and Deadlines

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 by 11:59pm
  • Acceptance Notification: By Wednesday, December 10, 2014
  • Student Research Day: Thursday, February 12, 2015

SRD2015-web.jpgAbstract Submission

Interested students should submit a narrative summary of their original research, scholarly or creative work. The narrative summary should not exceed 300 words. Abstracts are submitted online only. No paper abstracts
will be accepted. All abstracts will be published online prior to the conference and will be archived for future reference.

Who may apply

Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled (fall 2014/spring 2015) are eligible to present. Those students who graduated spring, summer or fall 2014 are also eligible to participate.

The research presented should be appropriate to the students discipline and career goals. Proprietary research is excluded. Presentations from all disciplines including the creative arts and education are invited.

Evaluation Process

Students will be selected to present in the on-campus event based on the quality of their research activity and the quality of their written abstracts. All students will be judged by a faculty panel unless otherwise indicated when the abstract is submitted.

Presentation Format

The selected students will have the option to present their work as an oral presentation or a poster display. Only students giving oral presentations will be considered for selection at the annual CSU Statewide Student Research Competition.

Oral Presentation Instructions

Students will be given 20 minutes (five minutes to set up their presentation, 10 minutes for the actual presentation, and five minutes for questions and answers) to present their work. A PC computer projector and overhead projector will be made available.

Poster Presentation Instructions

Posters will be a maximum of 6' wide by 4' tall. All posters will be placed on easels in the viewing area. Posters must be either printed on a single sheet of paper or some type of a large poster board. Posters on large format paper must be mounted on a rigid backing to stand on the easel.

Students must display their posters from 9am to 5pm. Students are urged to be present in front of their posters/presentations at the designated time to facilitate discussion with the audience and the faculty judges.

CSU Student Research Competition

Based on the judges' evaluations, up to 10 presentations will be selected for the CSU Statewide Student Research Competition. Students who elect to present their work in poster format, although they will be judged, are not eligible for the CSU Statewide Student Research Competition.

Submission Instructions

The button labeled Abstract Submission on the Student Research Day homepage should be used for your submission. However, please take a moment to read the instructions below:

The submission form is a Word document that should be saved onto your workstation, completed and then returned to Craig Geber at as an attachment.

Check your abstract for spelling, grammar and length as the narrative summary limit is 300 words. Your faculty mentor/advisor must proofread the abstract. Abstracts with typographic and grammatical errors may not be accepted. If you’re unsure about your writing and/or grammar skills, take your abstract with you to the Toro Learning Center to work on revising it. The tutors there are experienced and well-trained, and they will teach you proofreading and editing skills that will improve your abstract and that you will also use very often in the future, both here at CSUDH and in your professional career.

Notify your faculty mentor/advisor that you are ready to submit the abstract. You will need a valid email address for yourself and your faculty mentor/advisor when you submit the abstract. No abstract will be accepted without a faculty mentor/advisor.

Please decide whether you want to present your research as a poster or as a 10 minute talk (this is excluding the five minutes to set up and five minutes for questions). Performances for creative work will also be scheduled.

If you have questions or difficulties with the abstract submission process, call or email Craig Geber at or (310) 243-2852.