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Next Steps

STEP 1: Take your EPT/ELM tests as soon as possible and complete your intent to enroll by May 1, 2017 at my.CSUDH.EDU.

STEP 2: Indicate how you will meet your Early Start requirements.

If your EPT/ELM test scores require you to participate in Early Start, you will need to indicate your intent to complete Early Start. To do this:

  • Log onto my.CSUDH.EDU
  • Go to the Early Start Smart Page located there
  • Confirm your CSUDH Early Start participation

STEP 3: Sign up for Early Start

Once you’ve taken your EPT/ELM, completed your intent to enroll, and confirmed you will be attending Early Start courses at CSUDH, follow these steps to sign up for Early Start.

  1. Log into my.CSUDH.EDU and click on the Student Center link
  2. Click on Enroll in Early Start
  3. Click on Search, then Select Subject (choose ESE or ESM)
  4. Narrow your search results by entering the course number, or click Search to view all open Early Start sections
  5. Click on Select Class to select an ESE/ESM course
  6. Click Next, then click Proceed to Step 2 of 3
  7. Click Finish Enrolling
  8. A message display will show the Financial Aid waiver — complete if eligible
  9. Go back the Student Center
  10. Click on Account Inquiry to view and pay for your Early Start course

STEP 4: Take summer Early Start courses.

Early Start courses in English and math will be offered at CSUDH for summer 2017 and other CSU campuses.  A list of courses for each CSU campus will be available in mid-March at