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How to Meet your Early Start Requirements

If your EPT/ELM test scores require you to participate in CSU’s Early Start, you will be completing your on-campus courses during the summer at CSUDH.  You may also elect to complete the requirement at another CSU campus. 

Get your Early Start done at CSUDH.

If you plan on attending CSUDH, we strongly encourage you to complete your Early Start courses this summer right here on campus. Completing your Early Start at CSUDH is a great way to:

  • Get familiar with the campus
  • Connect with other CSUDH students
  • Meet CSUDH faculty and staff
  • Learn about student support services and resources
  • Ease your transition to CSUDH life
  • All while meeting your Early Start requirements

Summer Bridge Academy

You may also have the opportunity to meet your Early Start requirements by enrolling in CSUDH’s Summer Bridge Academy over the summer. An intensive, 5-week summer program, Summer Bridge Academy helps incoming CSUDH students build their skills and confidence in college-level English and/or math while enabling them to complete required coursework.

Summer Bridge Academy has limited spaces available, and enrollment is by invitation only. Interested students are invited to register online for our next Summer Bridge Academy information sessions. To register and learn more, visit CSUDH.EDU/SummerBridge.