Graduation Application Procedure

Application Filing Periods

The Electronic Application for Graduation must be submitted in accordance with the following schedule. The fees for applying to graduate are due 48 hours after you submit your online application.  Failure to apply in accordance with the schedule below could delay your degree past your intended graduation date. Also there will be additional fees assessed for applying after the regular deadline.

Degree Conferral TermRegular DeadlineLate Deadline
Fall SemesterJuly 1September 15
Spring SemesterOctober 1Last day of fall semester
Summer SessionFebruary 1April 15

Please note that if the above dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the following business day.

Graduation Applications Submitted Before or By the Deadline

The Degree Checks (Graduation Evaluations) for students who submit the Application for Graduation by the published deadlines are reviewed in date received/filed order. The timely filing of the Application for Graduation will insure the degree checks will be processed prior to the last day to add classes for the term of anticipated graduation.  Graduation Applications submitted before or by the deadline require a $65.00 processing fee. Once you have submitted the electronic application for graduation, the fee will appear in your student account.  This fee must be paid within 48 hours or a hold will appear on your student account. 

Graduation Applications Filed After the Deadline

Applications submitted after the regular deadline require an additional $15.00 fee in addition to the $65.00 graduation processing fee.  These fees must be paid within 48 hours or a hold will appear on your student account.

Bachelor Degree Candidates

Each prospective undergraduate student must file for graduation. A student is eligible to apply for graduation if fewer than 10 courses are needed to complete the degree and after completion of 90 semester units. Please direct all questions regarding graduation procedures to the Office of Admissions and Records (310) 243-3645 or email

Master Degree Candidates

Each prospective graduate student must file for graduation.  For further questions, please contact your major department or the Office of Admissions and Records (310) 243-3645 or email