Welch Hall background

What is a Synthesizer?

A "Synthesizer" is an individual whose role it is to listen deeply to the members of the CSUDH community who have accepted the invitation to share their ideas for the future through participation in the Town Hall meetings and/or the electronic survey. As a group, the Synthesizers are charged with working together to identify and express the collective aspirations of the community through the elements of the Strategic Framework, including mission, vision, and core values. The Synthesizers are asked to set aside their own desires and opinions - the "voice of the individual" - for the sake of understanding and bringing forth the "voice of the whole."


  1. Lui Amador
  2. Munashe Furusa
  3. Roderick Hernandez
  4. Patricia Kalayjian
  5. Mitch Maki
  6. Carole Shea
  7. John Thomlinson
  8. Ron Vogel
  9. Emmit Williams