Most Recent Presidential Memorandum

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PM 2016-01 
Information Security [PDF]Supersedes PM 2009-13
PM 2015-07 
International Education Council [PDF] 
PM 2015-06 
International Education External Advisory Board [PDF] 
PM 2015-05 
International Education Working Group [PDF] 
PM 2015-04 
Student Fee Advisory Committee [PDF] 
PM 2015-03 
Delegation of Authority of Accept Gifts [PDF]Supersedes PM 2012-03
PM 2015-02 
Policy and Procedures on Financial Conflict of Interest for Sponsored Programs [PDF]Supersedes PM 01-09
PM 2015-01 
Selection and Review of Chairpersons for Departments and Programs Which Constitutes Primary Teaching Service Areas (FPC 14-04) [PDF]Supersedes portions of PM 78-15
PM 2014-05 
Student Grade Appeals (EPC/FPC 12-12) [PDF]Supersedes PM 96-02
PM 2014-04 
The University Budget Committee [PDF]Supersedes PM 00-03 in part
PM 2014-03 
Procedures for Hiring Full-time Academic Administrators [PDF]Supersedes PM 08-01
PM 2014-02 
Emeritus Tenured Faculty and Emeritus Lecturer and Emeritus Lecturer Status [PDF]Supersedes PM 02-05, 10/22/02
PM 2014-01 
Routing and Responding to Academic Senate Resolutions [PDF] 
PM 2013-03 
International Students [PDF]Supersedes PM 09-07
PM 2013-02 
Study Abroad and Exchange Programs [PDF] 
PM 2013-01 
International Agreements [PDF] 
PM 12-02 
University Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy including Federal Title IX [PDF] 
PM 12-01 
Establishment of a Fee Appeals Committee (FAC) [PDF] 
PM 11-02 
Establishment of a Fee Appeals Committee (FAC) [PDF] 
PM 11-01 
Animals on Campus [PDF]
Service Animal Request Form [DOC]
PM 10-01 
Student Electronic Mail [PDF] 
PM 09-14 
Academic Senate Oversight of the General Education and University Curriculum Committees [PDF] 
PM 09-13 
CSUDH Information Security [PDF] 
PM 09-12 
Use of Information Technology Services and Resources and Electronic Mail Systems Or Services  [PDF] 
PM 09-11 
Recruitment of Tenure-Track Faculty [DOC] 
PM 09-08 
IELTS Acceptable Scores [DOC] 
PM 09-07 
TOEL Scores and Waiver [DOC] 
PM 09-06 
Policy on Sexual Assault [PDF] 
PM 09-05 
Process for Requesting "New or Revised" Policies and Procedures [PDF] 
PM 09-03 
Key Policy [DOC]Supersedes PM 82-23 Dated 8/3/82
PM 09-02 
Student Employment [DOC]Supersedes PM 81-20, Dated 9/23/81
PM 09-01 
Staff Emeritus Status [DOC]Supersedes PM 81-15, Dated 7/6/81
PM 08-04 
Campus Catering Policy [PDF]Supersedes PM 90-03, Dated 3/19/90
PM 08-03 
Gift Acceptance Policy [DOC] 
PM 08-02 
Deferred Enrollment Policy [PDF] 
PM 08-01 
Procedures for Hiring Full-Time Academic Administrator III and IV Positions [PDF]Supersedes PM 89-04 and Amendment #1, and PM 98-07