Presidential Memoranda (PMs)

- Appendix A, Chronological Listing of Valid PMs [1977 - 2013]

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1977-10Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities
1977-15F-T Lecturers--Appointment & Review
1977-19Procedures-Implementation of CSU
1977-22Deferment of Collection of Fees at Registration
1978-04Undergraduate Special Major
1978-11Early Tenure
1978-12Eligibility for Consideration for Early Promotion
1978-15Selection & Review of Chair-Departments & Programs (Amended by 89-17)
1978-16Chairpersons & Members-Interdisciplinary Program Committees
1978-18Honors for Student Completing the Baccalaureate Degree
1978-29Administration of Scholarships
1978-30Eligibility for Consideration for Promotion
1979-03Amendment—Time Interval for the Review of Administrative Positions
1979-07Student Teacher & Intern Assignment for Teacher Strikes
1979-13Requirements for the Second Baccalaureate
1979-19Work Submitted to More than One Course
1979-22Interim Appointments
1979-31I-Codes of Ethics in Personnel & Review Processes (Amended by 85-04)
(I = Confidentiality)
II-Policy on Leaves and Honors Committee
(Amended by 85-04)
(II= Procedural)
1979-32Recognition of University Faculty & Staff Orgs.
1980-03Use of CSUDH Buildings & Grounds
1980-05CSUDH Policy on Scholarships and Grants (Revised)
1980-06Responsibilities of Department & School RTP Evaluators
1980-11Course Numbering System
1980-13School, Department & Program Advisory Committees
1980-15Special Minor
Academic Senate—Eme (Paragraph #1 superseded by 98-01; others still valid)
1980-19Curricular Review Process for Extended Education
1980-22Coaching Track Personnel Practices
1981-05Faculty Handbook
1981-22Coaching Track Faculty as Members of the General Faculty
1981-23Policy & Procedures for Charge backs
1982-06Deans' Concurrence & Dissent in RTP Procedures
1982-11Responsibilities of Academic Senates with Collective Bargaining
1982-20PTE Procedures
1982-27Support for International Education at CSUDH
1982-35Animals at Large on Campus (Superseded by PM 11-01)
1983-09Withdrawal from RTP Consideration
1983-13Questions to be Used in the PTE Forms & Amendment # 1
1983-24Student Member on Teaching Awards Committee
1983-25Independent Study Procedures
1984-02Language for RTP Evaluation
1984-04Award of Second and Additional Baccalaureate Degrees
1984-06Admission Requirements to the Basic Credential Programs
1985-04Amendments to the Ethics Code
1986-09Vice Presidential Participation in RTP Process
1987-05Strengthening the First Level of RTP Review of Scholarly, Research, or Creative Activity
1987-06University Library Faculty RTP Policies, Procedures, and Criteria:
 Instructional Media Faculty RTP Criteria
1987-07Handling Cases of Student Conduct Requiring Disciplinary Action
1987-09External Advisory Committees for Units Within the University
1987-18Hazard Communication
1987-21Combination of Geography & Earth Science Into Department of Earth Sciences
1989-02Academic Calendar Guidelines
1989-07University Energy Conservation
1989-09Annual Review of Courses
1989-11Suspension of the Collection & Distribution of PTE Norming Data
1989-13Special Visitors to the University
1989-16School of Education Name Change
1989-17Timetable for Recommending Dept Chairs
1989-19 Policy & Procedures for Dealing with and Reporting Possible Misconduct in Science (Interim Policy)
1990-02Guidelines for Certificate Programs
1990-061990- Revision of the1984 Academic Skills Assessment Plan (ASAP)
1990-08Committee to Review Perceived Administrative Effectiveness
1990-09Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Committee
1990-09Renaming of RSCAAP Awards Program
1990-09Faculty Membership on RSCAAP Award Program Committee, Amendment #1
1991-02Add and Drop Dates for Academic Courses
1991-04Establishment of the School of Health
1991-07Guidelines for Single Field Majors
1992-03Policy on Incomplete Grade
1992-04The Role of the University RTP Committee
1993-01Bake Sale and Food Sale Policy
1993-02On-Campus Group Potlucks Policy   (Misnamed in original index)
1993-03Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) Evaluations for Probationary Faculty
(modifies a portion of PM 84-11)
1993-11University AIDS Policies and Guidelines
1994-05Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement
1994-06Attendance at First Class Meetings
1996-01Policy on Sexual Assault (Superseded 09-06)
1996-02Student Grade Appeals
1996-03Policy for Scheduling of University Computer Labs
1998-02Course Information/Syllabi
1998-03Membership of the University RTP Committee
1998-05Membership of General Studies Committee (Revised, 7/31/00)
1998-06Policy on the Use of Students as TAs
1998-09University Telephone Policy & Guidelines
1999-04Campus Life Policies
  • Section 1: Policy on Possession and Consumption of Alcohol
  • Section 2: Amplified Sound
  • Section 3: Anti-Hazing Policy
  • Section 4: Campus Event Policy
  • Section 5: Campus Policy on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • Section 7: Casino Night Policy
  • Section 8: Dance Policies & Procedures
  • Section 9: Free Drawing Policy
  • Section 10: Free Speech Area Policy
  • Section 11: Gambling Policy
  • Section 12: Outdoor Programming Space Designation
  • Section 13: Posting Policy
  • Section 14: Unsupervised Minors Policy
1999-05University Policy on Self-Support Instructional Programs
1999-06Faculty Merit Increase Program
1999-07Establishment of the University Planning Council (Revised 9/14/2006)
2000-01University Mission
2000-03Process for Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Resource Allocation (Revised 10/16/03)
2000-04Policy on Academic Assessment
2000-05CSU Dominguez Hills Institutional Review Board Policy
2000-06Policy on Certification of Last Date of Attendance
2001-04Intellectual Property Policy
2001-09Policy and Procedures for Dealing with Conflict of Interest in Research and Scholarly Activity
2001-10Recombinant DNA Project Registration
2002-01Educational Leave (Planned) Post Baccalaureate Student
2002-03Continuous Attendance in Master's Programs
2002-04Undergraduate International Admissions Requirements
2003-01Violence in the Workplace: Policy and Procedures (Revised 7/3/06)
2004-01Student Grievance Procedure (Revised 7/11/06) - {References Executive Order 970}
2004-02Campus Smoking Policy (Superseded PM 99-04, Section 6)
2004-03Sexual Harassment Policy (Superseded PM 99-02) (Revised 7/11/06) - {References Executive Order 927 and 928}
2007-01Reconsideration Procedure for CSUDH Employees Not Represented by Exclusive Representatives (Superseded PM 84-15) (Revised 1/02/07) - {References Executive Order 923}
2007-04Procedures for Hiring Full-Time Non-Academic Administrator III and IV Positions (Supersedes PM 89-04 and Amendment #1, and PM 98-07)
2007-05Process for Requesting "New or Revised" Policies and Procedures (Supersedes PM 03-02)
2008-02Deferred Enrollment Policy
2008-03Gift Acceptance Policy (Superseded by PM 12-03)
2008-04Campus Catering Policy (Supersedes PM 90-03, Dated 3/19/90)
2008-XXXTOEL Scores and Waiver
2008-XXXIELTS Acceptable Scores
2008-XXXRepeat and Cancel Policy (Supersedes AAAP045.001 Effective 8/1/2009)
2008-XXXWithdrawal Policy
2008-XXXRecruitment of Tenure-Track Faculty (Supersedes AAPS044.001 3/16/2009)
2009-01Staff Emeritus Status (Supersedes PM 81-15, Dated 7/6/81)
2009-02Student Employment (Supersedes PM 81-20, Dated 9/23/81 )
2009-03Key Policy (Supersedes PM 82-23 Dated 8/3/82)
2009-05Process for Requesting "New or Revised" Policies and Procedures (Supersedes 07-05)
2009-06Policy on Sexual Assault (Supersedes 96-01)
2009-12Use of Information Technology Services and Resources and Electronic Mail Systems or Services
2009-13CSUDH Information Security
2010-01Student Electronic Mail
2011-01Animals on Campus (Supersedes PM 82-35)
2012-01Establishment of a Fee Appeals Committee (FAC)
2012-02University Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy including Federal Title IX
2012-03Delegation of Authority to Accept Gifts
2013-01International Agreements
2013-02Study Abroad and Exchange Programs
2013-03International Students (Supersedes PM 09-07)
2014-01  Routing and Responding to Academic Senate Resolutions
2014-02   Emeritus Tenured Faculty and Emeritus Lecturer and Emeritus Lecturer Status (Supersedes PM 02-05)
2014-03Procedures for Hiring Full-time Academic Administrators (Supersedes PM 08-01)
2014-04The University Budget Committee (Supersedes PM 00-03 in part)
2014-05Student Grade Appeals (EPC/FPC 12-12) (Supersedes PM 96-02) 
2015-01Selection and Review of Chairpersons for Departments and Programs Which Constitutes Primary Teaching Service Areas (FPC 14-04) (Supersedes portions of PM 78-15)
2015-02Policy and Procedures on Financial Conflict of Interest for Sponsored Programs
2015-03Delegation of Authority to Accept Gifts (Supersedes PM 2012-03)
2015-04Student Fee Advisory Committee
2015-05International Education Working Group
2015-06International Education External Advisory Board
2015-07International Education Council
2016-01Information Security (Supersedes PM 2009-13)