Presidential Memoranda (PMs) - Administration and Finance

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Administration and Operations

Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Resource Allocation, Process for (00-03 [PDF])
Bake Sale and Food Sale Policy (93-01 [PDF])
Campus Catering Policy (08-04 [PDF]) Supersedes PM 90-03, Dated 3/19/90
Chargebacks, Policy & Procedures for (81-23 [PDF])
CSUDH Information Security (09-13 [PDF])
Energy Conservation Policy (89-07 [PDF])
Key Control Policy and Procedures, Revised (09-03 [DOC])
Mission (00-01 [PDF])
On-campus Group Potlucks Policy (93-02 [PDF])
Scheduling of University Computer Labs, Policy for (96-03 [PDF])
Student Electronic Mail (10-01 [PDF])
University Planning Council (99-07 [PDF])
University Telephone Policy & Guidelines (98-09 [PDF])
Use of Information Technology Services and Resources and Electronic Mail Systems or Services (09-12 [PDF])

Facilities, Space and Land Use

Animals on Campus (11-01 [PDF])
Unsupervised Minors Policy (99-04, Section 14 [PDF])
Use of CSUDH Buildings and Grounds (80-03 [PDF])

Health and Safety

Campus Smoking Policy Supersedes PM 99-04, Section 6 (04-02 [DOC])
Hazard Communication (87-18 [PDF])
Policy on Alcohol and Substance Abuse (99-04, Section 5 [PDF])
Policy on Possession and Consumption of Alcohol (99-04, Section 1 [PDF])
University AIDS Policies & Guidelines (93-11 [PDF])


Codes of Ethics in Personnel & Review Processes (79-31, Part I [PDF])
Committee to Review Perceived Administrative Effectiveness (90-08 [DOC]) Supersedes PM 89-03
Procedure for Verification of University Faculty & Staff Organizations (79-32 [PDF])
Procedures for Hiring Full-Time Non-Academic Administrator III and IV Positions (07-04 [PDF]) Supersedes PM 89-04 and Amendment #1, and PM 98-07
Reconsideration Procedure for CSUDH Employees Not Represented by Exclusive Representatives (07-01 [PDF]) Supersedes 84-15
Revised Policies & Procedures for Student Employment (09-02 [DOC])
Staff Emeritus Status (09-01 [PDF])
University Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy including Federal Title IX (12-02 [PDF]) Supersedes 07-03 and 09-04
Violence in the Workplace (03-01 [DOC])