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Move Update Requirement

Effective September 2008, the Postal Service has required mailers who claim first-class presort or automated rates to demonstrate that they have updated the addresses in their mailing lists within 90 days or 3 months prior to the mailing date. The four approved updating methods include Address Change Service, National Change of Address, FASTforward, and Ancillary Service Endorsements. In addition, the Ancillary Service endorsements replace the former endorsements that request forwarding or address services.

In order to meet the Move Update requirement, the University has included a move update provision as a part of its first-class presort contract. University Mailers will not be required to perform any additional steps and will continue to receive first-class discount rates. For those mailers who require address change information, please refer to Ancillary Service Endorsement below.

Ancillary Service Endorsements

Address Service Request: replaces the former endorsements of "Forwarding and Address Correction" and "Forward and Address Correction."

Forward Service Requested: (new)

Return Service Requested: replaces Address Correction Requested and Do Not Forward.

Change Service Requested: (new)

For Ancillary Service Endorsements defined and proper endorsement locations see Move Update Requirement diagrams.