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Messenger Service Envelopes

Mail Services provides free Messenger Service Envelopes to campus users upon request. These envelopes serve to protect correspondence from damage, insure confidentiality and allow staff to easily differentiate campus mail from outgoing letter mail. For these reasons these envelopes have been established as the approved means to transmit official on-campus interdepartmental correspondence.

Addressing Messenger Envelopes: Messenger envelopes must be addressed by department name and name of person. Items that are to large and do not fit into the Messenger Service Envelope cannot be mailed.

Mailers are urged to return any surplus envelopes back to Mail Services.

Other Intra-campus Mail: Unlabeled/unaddressed flyers for general campus distribution need not be enclosed in Messenger Services Envelopes. Intra-campus mail ot this type must be brought to Mail Services for distribution.