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Mail Restrictions

Personal and non-office mail: Mail Services cannot pickup or deliver personal mail or non-office mail of any kind. Non-office and personal mail should not be deposited in departmental mail boxes for delivery on campus mail facilities for delivery off campus. Non-official and personal mail may be deposited in U.S. Mail boxes located in front of Mail Services and in front of the campus by the bus stop.

Mailed at University's Expense: All material mailed at the University's expense must be part of the legitimate University's business. Personal mail, mail which advocates legislative action, and other mail which benefits individuals or promotes non-University organizations may not be mailed at the University's expense.

Non-University Mailers: Requests for mailings of the following nature must be accompanied by a memorandum from the department chairperson or other appropriate individual authorizing the cost and identifying the source of funds enabling the University to recover such costs.

  • Mailings for research supported by grants or contracts.
  • Mailings for all organizations of a self-support nature (i.e., not funded by the University's General Fund).
  • Mailings by recognized professional organizations or recognized student organizations or clubs.

Employee Organizations: The use of the University mail facilities by recognized employee organizations is limited to the rules and regulations as outlined by the applicable Memorandum of Understanding between the CSU Trustees and the employee organization.

Request for mailings of the following nature cannot be acommodated:

  • Greeting cards or party invitations of any kind being sent by employees or departments except as approved by the President or his/her designee in the performance of community functions provided by Title 5.
  • Mail exceeding 50 pounds can not be accepted for mailing.

International Mail Restrictions

All international or mail addressed to an APO or FPO weighing 16 ounces or over must be taken to a retail clerk at the U.S. Post Office. A properly completed Customs Declaration form (USPS form 2976, or 2976-A) listing contents, as well as the mailer's name, address, and signature must be attached to all International and APO/FPO mail weighing 16 ounces or more.
Forms are available at Mail Services upon request. Mail Services will insure delivery of University mailer's item to the Post Office after the form is properly completed and attached to mail.