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Forwarding Mail

All mail received is assumed to be official University business. University employees are encouraged not to use the University as their personal address. Mail received for individuals who no longer are connected with the University must be forwarded by the department where they were formerly employed.

Forwarding Mail Received and not opened: Line out the old address (one line only so that the old address is readable) and write FORWARD TO with the new address. Forwarded mail of the above type is forwarded free.

Forwarding Mail Received and opened: Opened mail cannot be forwarded. If the mailer wishes to forward the opened mail item, then mailer must re-label the package and send it at the department's expense.

Return to Sender

Return to Sender Mail Received and not opened: To return mail to sender for an unknown person or who is no longer affiliated in such department, mail must not be opened. The department returning the mail item must line out the address (one line only so the address is readable) and state the reason for return such as, unknown at this address, no longer affiliated with the University, etc. Mail of this type is returned to the Post Office postage-free.

Refusing Mail

Refusing unwanted mail: Departments who wish to return unwanted material mailed to them, must write clearly "REFUSED RETURN TO SENDER." Refused mail must be unopened in order for it to be returned to the sender free. Mail which has been opened must be re- packaged and labeled and mailed at the department's expense.