Facilities Leasing & Scheduling

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The Facilities Leasing and Scheduling Office mission is to assist on and off campus groups and organizations in presenting non-instructional events and activities by scheduling use of campus facilities.

Use of State University Building and Grounds

This regulation is issued by the university, pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 42350-42354, and concerns the use of university buildings and grounds for the purpose commercial transactions and commercial solicitation and non-commercial solicitation events at CSUDH.  It applies to students, student’s organizations, faculty, faculty organizations, and other-campus groups or persons while on campus grounds, including commercial vendor or solicitors.

The campus shall, at all times maintain authorization to designate Time, Place and Manner.

Facilities and Premises scheduled or leased by this Office:

University Theatre
Classrooms (excluding classrooms for educational use)
Claudia Hampton Hall
Conference Rooms
Recital Halls
Sculpture Garden
Japanese Garden
Soccer Field (South of Gym)
Parking Lots
Baseball fields
Tennis Courts
Computer Labs
Edison Theatre
Art Gallery
Free of Speech areas
Commercial Filming

A permit must be obtained by all individuals or organizations seeking use of university facilities or grounds.  Contact Facilities Leasing and Scheduling at (310) 243-2231 or Office for Procurement, Contracts, Logistical and Support Services (PCLASS) at (310) 243-3799.

Facilities Use Resource Calendar



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