FAQ: Asset Management


Does your department pick up obsolete and nonworking equipment?

Yes, we do pick up small item(s) like chairs, computers, etc.  You must fill out a Request for Property Survey Form and forward it to Asset Management.  Asset Management will then schedule to have the items picked up.  If the item(s) are large, you will be requested to complete a Work Order Form for Physical Plant to pick up the item(s).

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Our office was recently vandalized.  Can you give us a list of our equipment if we give you the room number?

Yes, as Custodian of Records, our office keeps records of all accountable property from the time it is received until it is disposed.

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We received a Property  Listing Sheet from your office asking us to verify property owned by our department.  How often are we required to fill out this form?

Asset Management regularly schedules spot check inventories that are to be conducted by the department.  However, a complete physical inventory must be conducted at least every three years by our staff.

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Contact Information: 

Angel Garcia - Property Clerk