About the Nursing Student Organization

The Nursing Student Organization (Nursing Student Organization) was established to serve as a conduit between students, the faculty and the staff of the CSUDH Division of Nursing. The board members consist of one student representative for each region (BSN and MSN) of the Division of Nursing. The Nursing Student Organization Board meets by telephone conference three times annually to develop activities and programs for the benefit of students. Please share any ideas that you have or issues that you would like to see addressed by the Nursing Student Organization. Who is your nursing student organization representative?

Student Mentor Program

The student spoNursing Student Organizationr program matches up new students with those who have been in the program for at least two semesters. The spoNursing Student Organizationr calls the new student a few times to offer encouragement, support and wisdom gained from their own experience in the program. The spoNursing Student Organizationrs are not advisors; they are mentors. If you are interested in spoNursing Student Organizationring a beginning student, please let us know and a student representative will contact you. I am interested in Nursing Student Organizationring a beginning student.

Facts about the Nursing Student Organization (Nursing Student Organization)

All California resident students enrolled in the School of Nursing (SON) education programs are eligible for participation in the Nursing Student Organization (Nursing Student Organization). To learn more about the Nursing Student Organization be sure to bookmark the NSO homepage.

Briefly, this organization serves as a resource and support mechanism for our students that live in a wide variety of locations throughout California. The representatives of the Nursing Student Organization are fundamental in providing a method to share ideas and concerns that are beneficial to their fellow student colleagues.

The Faculty Advisor to the Nursing Student Organization (Nursing Student Organization), an organization of the Associated Student Incorporated (ASI) at CSU Dominguez Hills, Currently there are two vacant positions – MSN Mentor coordinator and BSN Mentor Coordinator.

Here are some facts about the Nursing Student Organization and Representative responsibilities:

  • ALL School of Nursing students that are California residents are members of the Nursing Student Organization.
  • Communication among the students and representatives is facilitated via e-mail and fax.
  • Communication between Nursing Student Organization representatives and the Executive Board is facilitated via e-mail, discussion board, fax, and US Postal mail.
  • The Nursing Student Organization representatives are located in various locations throughout the state of California.
  • There are about four Nursing Student Organization meetings yearly in the form of a one and a half to two-hour conference call.
  • Representatives of the Nursing Student Organization assist in identification of issues or concerns of DON students.
  • Nursing Student Organization suggests ideas relating to student issues and has a mentor program.
  • Nursing Student Organization conducts a book exchange – used books are exchanged.
  • Nursing students pay the same student fees as other CSUDH students (ASI) and thus, have all rights and privileges similar to other CSUDH club and organization members.

Nursing Student Organization Representatives are eligible for the following:

  • Serve on the Executive Board of the Nursing Student Organization.
  • Phone cards ($40) to keep in touch with each other.
  • Funds to organize and finance student related activities.
  • Funds for postage and stationery.
  • Ability to meet and network with colleagues throughout California.
  • Funds for conferences