The mission of this graduate program has been to provide individuals with a theoretical understanding of human conflict, while acquiring practical skills and techniques for the negotiation, management and resolution of disputes in a wide variety of circumstances. Our program has supported achievement of the University mission as a “communiversity” by:

1) striving to maintain the highest standards of student accomplishment and integrity;

2) emphasizing a multicultural, multi-ethnic teaching and learning community with international as well as domestic perspectives;

3) seeking students from many undergraduate minors and universities;

4) pursuing excellence and pluralism in higher education;

5) enabling students to develop intellectually, personally and professionally;

6) addressing contemporary social concerns;

7) offering the degree and/or certificate on campus as well as world-wide through interactive Internet without a residency requirement (for students who reside well beyond the normal commuter boundaries of the University);

8) encouraging professional travel by and active membership of its faculty in professional associations;

9) faculty commitment to teaching and learning, research, scholarship, creative activity and service; and

10) offering the program courses to both on-campus and online students through interactive Internet during summer sessions.

In order to credibly manage enrollment, admission to the online cohort is reserved for those students who reside well beyond the normal commuter boundaries of the University.

The administration, faculty, and staff of the graduate program look forward to each qualified student’s enrollment and successful matriculation to the conclusion of their course of study, whether it is the degree or certificate.