Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the MSTI Program?

Upon joining MSTI, students will be advised on what courses to take in order to complete their authorization to teach mathematics or science in middle or high school.

MSTI will also help program participants find a teaching position at schools within partner school districts: Los Angeles Unified School District, Lynwood Unified School District, Compton Unified School District and Inglewood Unified School District. MSTI supports its students beginning with undergraduate studies until completion of the preliminary credential and beyond.

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What is an Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA)?

It is an authorization that may be added to your preliminary teaching credential (32 semester units of non-remedial college coursework in the subject area with a grade of "C" or better). This allows employers to assign a teacher with an ISMA to teach a class in which the curriculum is for grades 9 and below but the students in the class may be in grades K-12.

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Why have an ISMA?

It allows you to expand your teaching opportunities. You can teach at the elementary level with your Multiple Subject Credential, but you can teach up to grade 9 with the ISMA. There is a great need for math and science secondary school teachers. Under No Child Left Behind, you are considered "Highly Qualified" to teach math or science with an ISMA.

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Do I have to major in math or science to participate in MSTI?

The main requirement to participate in MSTI is to have a background in either math or science. This includes coursework completed at the community college or university level.

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How long is the MSTI Program?

The length of the program varies depending on the coursework completed by the student. The pace is decided by the student, not the program. MSTI advisors assist the students in developing an individualized academic plan to serve as a roadmap to becoming a teacher.

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How do I know if I qualify for MSTI?

To see if you qualify, please call the MSTI office at (310) 243-2080 to set up a time to meet with a MSTI advisor.

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