The Male Success Alliance


Our Program

The Male Success Alliance (MSA) is a student success initiative focused on improving the educational outcomes of men of color. MSA members benefit from mentoring, personal and professional development opportunities and civic engagement. Fueled by the notion of “Consciousness and Competence” the goals of our program are to:

  1. Create a college-going, college staying and college graduating culture
  2. To close the achievement gap between male and female counterparts
  3. To increase success via college preparation, access and participation
  4. Focus on persistence and retention programs; and
  5. Build partnerships and strengthen collaborations with K-12 schools, community colleges, community-based organizations, faith-based institutions and families.


Why is MSA Necessary?

  1. In 2007, the California Post-secondary Education Committee reported that females outnumber males at every level in the post-secondary education pipeline
  2. Black male college completion rates are lowest among both sexes and all racial/ethnic groups in U.S. higher education (Harper, 2006; Strayhorn, 2010)
  3. African American and Latino males are less successful than all females and their Asian and White male counterparts in graduating from the CSU system.
  4. The Urgency of Now (2012) found that nationally only 52% of Black males and 58% of Latino males graduate in four years from high school they enrolled in as freshmen
  5. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress only 14 percent of black boys and 18 percent of Hispanic boys scored proficient or above on the fourth-grade reading tests in 2013


Our Approach

The mission of the Male Success Alliance is to improve access, retention, and graduation rates of young men of color through academic support, professional development, and mentoring. The program utilizes a holistic approach to student success addressing the affect and the academic aspect of student’s lives.

The Male Success Alliance hosts a variety of programs and services designed to equip men with the tools necessary for post-secondary success. Students are required to attend monthly general body meetings and meet at least once a month in small groups. Throughout the year students participate in various activities such as professional development workshops, leadership conferences, our annual Men’s Retreat and volunteer their time in the community.


Our Impact

The Male Success Alliance was established in 2009 with a small but significant group of seven outstanding students. Since that time, with tremendous support from CSUDH administration, MSA has grown tremendously and made a significant impact. In fact, the Male Success Alliance boasts a combined 90% retention and graduation rate.


MSA Impact Report


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