MPA Course Schedules

There are three distinct academic calendars for the three MPA program formats. Students should be aware of the differences in the academic calendar for course schedules. In addition, University processes such as Financial Aid operates on the University academic calendar. Students must be clear on the different deadlines for each format.



2017 Schedules

MPA Public Management Concentration - Online

The MPA Public Management concentration has four 12-week sessions in one calendar year. The session dates are as follows:

2017 Session Dates

Session 1 - Spring 2017: January 9 to April 2

Session 2 - Summer 2017: April 3 to June 25

Session 3 - Fall 2017: July 3 to September 24

Session 4 - Fall 2017: September 25 to December 17

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MPA Specialized Concentrations (Health Care, Criminal Justice, or Nonprofit Management) Online

The specialized concentrations online format has three sessions in one calendar year. Each session has two 8 week terms. The session dates are as follows:

2017 Session Dates

Spring 2017 Term 1: January  to March 5

Spring 2017 Term 2: March 6 to April 30

Summer 2017 Term 1: May 1 to June 25

Summer 2017 Term 2: July 3 to August 27

Fall 2017 Term 1: August 28 to October 22

Fall 2017 Term 2: October 23 to December 17

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MPA Public Management Concentration - On Campus

The on campus MPA format follows the University Academic Calendar of three semesters per calendar year, but MPA graduate classes are only held in the Fall and Spring semesters. This is a cohort style program and students may only take two MPA courses per semester for a total of 6 units of graduate study. The program takes three years to complete and consists of 6 semesters of study (Fall & Spring Only).

The semester dates are as follows:

Spring 2017: January 21 to May 19

2017-2018 - Tentative Schedule

Fall 2017: August 19 to December 18

Spring 2018: January 20 - May 23

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