MBA Online Textbooks

 2017 SESSION #1 (1/9/2017 - 4/2/2017)  


Core and elective courses (updated 1/10/2017):

  1. CIS 502 - Advanced Topics in Information Systems
    Prof. C. Chen

    Title: Principles of Information Systems- Hardcover, 11th Edition
    Authors: Ralph M. Stair; George Reynolds
    ISBN-13: 978-1-133-62966-5

  2. CIS - 560 - Information Security for Management (Canceled)
    Prof. P. Boyden

    Title: Management of Information Security, 5th Edition
    Author: Michael E. Whitman, Herbert J. Mattord
    Publisher: Course Technology; 5 edition (April 11, 2016)
    ​ISBN-13: 9781305501256

  3. FIN 500 - Advanced Topics in Finance
    Prof. B. Yi

    Title: Finance, Applications & Theory (3e)
    Authors: Cornett, Adair and Nofsinger
    ISBN: 9780077861681

  4. FIN 595 - Forcasting 
    Prof. J. Martinez

    Title: Business Forecasting
    ISBN: 9781259985973

  5. MGT 512 - Entrepreneurship (Canceled)
    Prof. T. Bush

    Title: Entrepreneurial Small Business (4TH edition)
    Authors: Jerome A. Katz and Richard P. Green II.  
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Irwin
    ISBN:  978-0-07-8029424​

  6. MGT 590 - Strategic Management
    Prof. D. Isaac

    Thompson, Petergraf, Gamble, Strickland, "Crafting & Executing Strategy, the quest for competitive advantage - Concepts & Cases", 20 edition, McGraw Hill, ISBN: 978-0-07-772059-9
    Note: Be sure to get the texts with Concepts & Cases.

  7. MKT 503 - International Marketing
    Prof. M. St. James

    Title: International Marketing 17th Edition
    Authors: Philip Cateora and John Graham and Mary Gilly (November 9, 2015)
    ISBN: 0077842162, ISBN13: 9780077842161

  8. OMG 575 - Supply Chain Management Systems
    Prof. J. Ke

    Title: Designing and Managing the Supply Chain (3rd Edition)
    Authors: Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky, Simchi-Levi
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill

  9. HRM 520 - Essentials of Human Resource Management
    Prof. T. Norman

    Title: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (5th edition)
    Author: Noe's 
    Note: Please check the course syllabus for more information.

  10. OMG 502 - Advanced Topics in Operations Management
    Prof. H. Pourmohammadi

    Title: Operations Management, 9th edition, Plus MyOM Lab
    Authors: Heizer, Jay and Barry Render
    Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc. 2014.


Bridge Courses:

  1. BUS 495.41 - Financial Accounting/Business Finance
    Prof. A. Arakelian

    Author: Stephen Ross
    Publication Date: May 20, 2015
    ISBN:1259731014 / 9781259731013

    Textbook information:

  2. BUS 495.44 - Marketing/Economics
    Prof. D. Isaac

    Economics text:
    Essentials of Economics, N. Gregory Mankiw, 7th ed.
    Publisher: South-Western
    ISBN-10: 1285165950, or ISBN-13: 9781285165950
    Note: 6th edition is acceptable, but may have different problem assignment problem numbers; if you choose this option, please let know.

    Marketing text:
    Marketing, An Introduction 13th ed, Armstrong & Kotler
    Publisher: Pearson
    ISBN: 13:9780134132198
    Note: this is an unbound edition and is the least expensive of the text options.

MBA On-Campus Textbooks

Please check the on-campus textbooks information from the bookstore below:



2017 On-Campus Semester Spring:  

  1. BUS 595 - Lean Process management
    Prof. K. Leong

    Title: Process Mapping and Management
    Author: Sue Conger
    Publisher: Business Expert Press, 2011
    ISBN: 1606491296