2015 SESSION #2 (3/30/2015-6/21/2015)  
 (Updated 3/12/2015)


Core and elective courses:

  1. CIS 550.41 - Project Management
    Prof. E. Teller


    1) Title: Project Management: The Managerial Approach (6th Edition) includes MS Project 2010
    Authors: Clifford Gray and Erik Larson
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    ISBN: 9780078096594

    2) Title: Step by Step Microsoft Project 2010
    Authors: Timothy Johnson and Carl Chatfield
    ISBN : 9780735626959

  2. FIN 502.41 - International Business
    Prof. B. Yavas

    The e-version of the textbook (PDF) can be accessed below:
    Publisher: Harvard Business School

  3. FIN 505.41 - Advanced Management of Financial Institutions
    Prof. Y. Ma

    Title: Financial Institutions Management: A Risk Management Approach (8th ed.)
    Authors: Saunders, Anthony and Cornett, Marcia (2014)
    Publisher: McGraw Hill
    ISBN: 978-0078034800

  4. MGT 516.41 - Leadership
    Prof. T. Bush, Prof. B. Vu

    Title: Leadership: Theory and practice (6th ed.).
    Author: Northouse, Peter G. (2013)
    Publisher: Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
    ISBN: 9781452203409

    Author: Johnson, Craig E.
    Title: Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership.
    Publisher: Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
    ISBN: 9781452259185

  5. MKT 555.41 - Consumer Behavior
    Prof. B. Xu

    Title: Consumer Behavior, 12th ed.
    Authors: Hawkins, Del I., David L. Mothersbaugh and Roger J. Best (2013)
    Publisher: McGraw Hill/Irwin.
    ISBN: 9780077645557

    Title: Customer Behavior: A Managerial Perspective, 2nd edition.
    Authors: Seth and Mittal (2009)
    Publisher: Thompson Learning/Southwestern
    ISBN: 9781428868984

Bridge Courses:

  1. BUS 495.41 - Operations Management/Statistics
    Prof. H. Pourmohammadi

    Title: Essentials of Business Analytics, 1st Edition
    Authors: Camm, Cochram, Fry, Ohlmann, Anderson, Sweeney, Williams.
    Publisher: Cengage Learning Publication, 2015

    Bundled with “Cengage Now” package:

  2. BUS 495.42 - Information Systems
    Prof. J. Kawibowo

    Title: Management Information Systems (5th or 6th edition)
    Author: Effy Oz
    ISBN 5th edition 8131501744
    ISBN 6th edition 1423901789

    Harvard Business Review (HBR) 
    HBR Cases - please see Syllabus for additional information