MBA Course Schedule


2015 MBA Online Schedule

Session 1TitleStart & End Date
BUS 495Financial Accounting/Business Finance  1/5/15-3/1/15
BUS 495Marketing/Economics  1/5/15-3/1/15
CIS 502Information Systems  1/5/15-3/29/15
CIS 560Information Security for Management  1/5/15-3/29/15
FIN 500Finance  1/5/15-3/29/15
HRM 520Essentials of Human Resource Management  1/5/15-3/29/15
MGT 512Entrepreneurship  1/5/15-3/29/15
MGT 590Strategic Management  1/5/15-3/29/15
MKT 503International Marketing  1/5/15-3/29/15
OMG 502Operations Management  1/5/15-3/29/15
OMG 575  Supply Chain Management Systems  1/5/15-3/29/15
Session 2TitleStart & End Date
BUS 495Operations/Statistics  3/30/15-5/24/15
BUS 495Information Systems  3/30/15-5/24/15
CIS 550Project Management  3/30/15-6/21/15
FIN 502Advance Topics in International Business  3/30/15-6/21/15
FIN 505Advanced Management of Financial Institutions  3/30/15-6/21/15
MGT 516Leadership  3/30/15-6/21/15
MKT 555Consumer Behavior  3/30/15-6/21/15
Session 3TitleStart & End Date
BUS 495Management/Law  6/29/15-8/23/15
BUS 495Accounting/Finance  6/29/15-8/23/15
CIS 530Enterprise Resource Planning  6/29/15-9/20/15
CIS 595Business Informatics  6/29/15-9/20/15
MKT 500Advanced Topics in Marketing  6/29/15-9/20/15
FIN 504Corporation Finance-Valuation Approach  6/29/15-9/20/15
HRM 521Compensation and Benefits  6/29/15-9/20/15
MGT 503International Management  6/29/15-9/20/15
MKT 501Marketing Information Systems  6/29/15-9/20/15
OMG 502Operations Management  6/29/15-9/20/15
Session 4TitleStart & End Date
BUS 495Operations/Statistics  9/21/15-11/15/15
BUS 495Information Systems  9/21/15-11/15/15
ACC 502Accounting  9/21/15-12/13/15
CIS 540Data Warehousing and Mining  9/21/15-12/13/15
FIN 503Multinational Finance  9/21/15-12/13/15
HRM 525Strategic Human Resource Management  9/21/15-12/13/15
MGT 500Human Behavior in Organizations  9/21/15-12/13/15
MGT 590Strategic Management  9/21/15-12/13/15
MKT 550Internet Marketing  9/21/15-12/13/15
OMG 570Supply Chain Design  9/21/15-12/13/15

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2015 MBA On Campus Schedule

Spring SemesterCourse TitleStart and End Date
FIN 500Advanced Topics in Finance  01/13/15-5/15/15
OMG 502Operations Management  01/13/15-5/15/15
BUS 595Elective  01/13/15-5/15/15
Summer SemesterCourse TitleStart and End Date
BUS 595Elective 5/30/15-8/21/15
Fall SemesterCourse TitleStart and End Date
MKT 500Marketing Management 8/22/15-12/11/15
ACC 502Advanced Topics in Accounting 8/22/15-12/11/15

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Last Updated: April 28, 2015