MBA Course Schedule

There are two distinct academic calendars for the MBA program. Students should be aware of the differences in the academic calendar for course schedules. In addition, University processes such as Financial Aid operates on the University academic calendar. Students must be clear on the different deadlines for each format.

Online MBA format

The 12 week online MBA format has four 12 week sessions in one calendar year. The session dates are as follows:

2016 Calendar Dates

Session 1 - Spring 2016: January 4 - March 27

Session 2 - Summer 2016: March 28 - June 19

Session 3 - Fall I 2016: June 27 to September 18

Session 4 - Fall II 2016: September 19 to December 11


2017 Calendar Dates (schedule coming soon)

Session 1 - Spring 2017: January 9 - April 2 

Session 2 - Summer 2017: April 3 - June 25 

Session 3 - Fall I: July 3 to September 24

Session 4 - Fall II: September 25 to December 17


Campus MBA format

The on campus MBA format has three semesters in one calendar year. The on campus MBA format follows the University Academic Calendar. The semester dates are as follows:

Spring Semester: mid January to mid May

Summer Semester: end of May to early August

Fall Semester: mid August to mid December


2016 MBA Online Schedule

Session 1TitleStart & End Date
BUS 495Financial Accounting/Business Finance  2/1/16-3/27/16
BUS 495Marketing/Economics  2/1/16-3/27/16
CIS 502Information Systems  1/4/16-3/27/16
CIS 560Information Security for Management  1/4/16-3/27/16
FIN 500Finance  1/4/16-3/27/16
FIN 506Investment and Portfolio Management  1/4/16-3/27/16
HRM 520Essentials of Human Resource Management  1/4/16-3/27/16
MGT 512Entrepreneurship  1/4/16-3/27/16
MGT 590Strategic Management  1/4/16-3/27/16
MKT 503International Marketing  1/4/16-3/27/16
OMG 502Operations Management  1/4/16-3/27/16
OMG 575  Supply Chain Management Systems  1/4/16-3/27/16
Session 2TitleStart & End Date
BUS 495Operations/Statistics  3/28/16-5/22/16
BUS 495Information Systems  5/9/16-6/19/16
BUS 495Management/Business Law  4/25/16-6/19/16
CIS 550Project Management  3/28/16-6/19/16
FIN 502Advance Topics in International Business  3/28/16-6/19/16
FIN 505Advanced Management of Financial Institutions  3/28/16-6/19/16
MGT 516Leadership  3/28/16-6/19/16
MKT 530Negotiation and Persuasive Presentation  3/28/16-6/19/16
Session 3TitleStart & End Date
BUS 495Marketing/Economics  7/25/16-9/18/16
BUS 495Accounting/Finance  7/25/16-9/18/16
MKT 500Advanced Topics in Marketing  6/27/16-9/18/16
FIN 504Corporation Finance-Valuation Approach  6/27/16-9/18/16
HRM 521Compensation and Benefits  6/27/16-9/18/16
MKT 560Brand Management  6/27/16-9/18/16
OMG 502Operations Management  6/27/16-9/18/16
Session 4TitleStart & End Date
BUS 495Operations/Statistics  9/19/16-11/13/16
BUS 495Information Systems  9/19/16-11/13/16
BUS 495Management/Business Law  9/19/16-11/13/16
ACC 502Accounting  9/19/16-12/11/16
CIS 530Enterprise Resource Planning  9/19/16-12/11/16
CIS 595Mobile Applications for Business: From Concept, Design to Market  9/19/16-12/11/16
FIN 503Multinational Finance  9/19/16-12/11/16
HRM 525Strategic Human Resource Management  9/19/16-12/11/16
MGT 500Human Behavior in Organizations  9/19/16-12/11/16
MGT 590Strategic Management  9/19/16-12/11/16
MKT 501Marketing Information Systems  9/19/16-12/11/16
OMG 580Global Logistics Management  9/19/16-12/11/16


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2016 MBA On Campus Schedule

Spring SemesterCourse TitleStart and End Date
CIS 502Advanced Topics in Information Systems  01/19/16-5/20/16
FIN 595Ethics in Emerging Markets  01/19/16-5/20/16
Summer SemesterCourse TitleStart and End Date
MKT 545Seminar in New Product Development 5/28/16-8/19/16
FIN 595Forecasting 5/28/16-8/19/16
Fall SemesterCourse TitleStart and End Date
FIN 502Advanced Topics in International Business 8/20/16-12/14/16
MGT 500Human Behavior in Organizations 8/20/16-12/14/16

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Last Updated: March 11, 2016